Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 19 Review: The Beast of Beacon Hills

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Bye, bye Mason?

On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 19, we barely have time to come to grips with the fact that Mason is the Beast before he's taken away from us. That's right, Mason transformed into the Beast all by himself, which means that Mason is no more.

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Okay, there are a lot of issues here. We don't even know what prompted the change. He was hooked up to a green tube (we'll get into those in a bit), and it looked like he was standing up to try to help out Liam and Scott as they fought against the Dread Doctors. Then, he changed.

If Mason really did die, then that was a shitty way to go. It wasn't sad. There wasn't any heart break or anger. It was just confusing because you are trying to figure out what lead to the transformation. Mason deserved better than that.

The lack of any emotion surrounding Mason's "death" makes it seem like it's a fake out. This is a character that we've gotten to know over the past what, two seasons? We've grown to love him, and you do not kill off a significant character with no fanfare (for lack of a better word).

I expected to see Liam crying as Mason tries to fight the transformation or, worse, actually dies. Sure, Mason did call out to Liam, and I was honestly concerned that things were going to get super painful. Instead, we just were left with question marks.

What did you think of Mason's transformation? Do you think he's really gone?

True evil only comes from corrupting something truly good.

Dread Doctor

Wait, did we actually get some Dread Doctors answers? Huh, that's weird.

I had basically given up all hope that we would ever learn anything more about the Dread Doctors. Thankfully, Deucalion and Theo made themselves useful. Seeing as how the Beast killed all of them (I believe), this information came a little too late to be useful.

But hey, any day where you actually gets answers on Teen Wolf is a good day.

One thing that is still a little confusing is how the Dread Doctors use the people in the green tubes to prolong their lives. Are they taking their power? What exactly is going on?

Then, we later find Mason hooked up to one of those things. I'm thinking that the green tube and whoever was inside had to be what spurred Mason's transformation. Do you have a theory?

It was about time that Deucalion stopped playing nice. Sure, it was fun to watch him sass people around, but if Theo was able to keep him subdued, well then that just made Deucalion look super weak.

I'm glad Deucalion showed Theo that he isn't someone you should underestimate. He was the alpha of an all alpha pack. You should not bring him into the fold and think things will go your way.

Deucalion decided to teach Theo how to take someone's power. This is something that Theo really needed to know since it's been his mission since day one. You would have thought that he would have researched power stealing or something beforehand. I guess it's lucky for him that Deucalion is there.

To steal someone's power you have to cause them pain and then kill them. Okay, that sort of makes sense. What was more intriguing was that Theo decided to test Deucalion's lesson on Josh – the electrical chimera. I just learned him name, so I should have known that meant he was going to die.

Theo's actions never quite make sense, and even Deucalion knows it. He killed Josh, one of the two remaining chimeras that appeared to still be on his side. Now he's basically down to a pack of two – him and Tracey.

Theo is so focused on power and proving that he's not a failure that he doesn't always think things through. Hopefully, this comes to bite him in the ass later.


Malia: You know how my mother wants to kill me? I think she might want to kill you too.
Stiles: Okay that's disconcerting. I should probably have a gun.
Braeden: I'm not giving you a gun.
Stiles: You have a gun. The Desert Wolf who is trying to kill me. I think I should probably have a gun.

I'm so over the Desert Wolf.

She's become an annoyance who shows up and distracts from the parts of the hour that are actually entertaining. Sorry, but Mason's in bad shape, so I'd rather not watch yet another fight between Braeden, Malia, and the Desert Wolf.

We know what she wants, and we know she has to wait until the full moon to get it. So why are we wasting time watching them fight?

Oh hey, Kira left again. Big surprise. On the smallish bright side, the Skin Walkers are back. That's about the only bright side I have, sorry. Much like with the Desert Wolf, I'm not interested in this storyline at all. Are you?

What did you think of the episode? Are you excited to see what trouble Sebastien causes? Leave your thoughts in a comment below.

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The Beast of Beacon Hills Review

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Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

It can't be me.


Cody: Scott can't find you down here. He can't follow your scent.
Mason: Okay, hold on, it's not me. I'm not even a genetic chimera.