The Vampire Diaries-Originals Crossover, Take 2: Who Will Meet Whom?

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Don't worry, the writers of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals know you really like when their worlds intersect.

To that end, on an upcoming episode of The Originals directed by Joseph Morgan and airing April 8, Elijah and Finn will find themselves in Mystic Falls.

The best part? Finn will come face-to-face with the man who killed him during The Originals Season 3 – Matt Donovan.

He Means Business - The Originals

Executive Producer Michael Narducci told Access Hollywood. "For me, as a creator, what's really exciting is that Matt was the one who killed Finn in Season 3 with a white oak stake, and so now it's Finn, who has recently been brought back through magic to rejoin his family, [who] is coming face-to-face with the guy who killed him.

And I think that that's interesting and it's also interesting as a reminder that even though he's just a human being, Matt Donovan's a tough guy who, when push comes to shove, given the right weapons, can even take down an Original, so I thought that was pretty cool."

Why will they be in Mystic Falls? Well, blame Freya.

She finds herself in a position where she needs to be right back where Esther created the family, and Freya is there against her will. 

Don't expect the entire episode to be set in Mystic Falls, however, as it's only a small portion of the installment. Just enough to whet your appetite and remind of you of the origins of The Originals.

It kind of makes sense, right?

Join us then and always for full reviews after it airs, and if you're a bit antsy, watch The Originals online right now for a fresh bite.

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