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When you watch Bitten Season 3 Episode 3 online, you'll find out what happens when Jeremy learns the truth about Sasha Antonov.

Sasha has been in town for two days. Elena has known about it. And so has Clay.

But it's when Elena tells Jeremy Sasha is her father, and she wants Jeremy's protection of her family that things get sticky.

After all, she has no business making Pack decisions or asking for them. 

Besides, Jeremy has already made a promise about Sasha to Roman. If only Elena had come to him sooner.

After a meeting between Jeremy and Sasha, things take a surprising turn. 

To find out what happens and who ends up in a trunk in the end, watch Bitten online via TV Fanatic!

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Bitten Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Sasha: What makes you think Jeremy will want to help us?
Alexei: You're our sister. He'll want to help us. Right? Right?
Elena: I'll handle it.

Elena: When you first saw me, what did you think?
Clay: I was pulled toward you, like no one else.
Elena: I know. I felt it too. Maybe we found each other because my father was a werewolf.
Clay: It doesn't matter. We still found each other.