Watch Vikings Online: Season 4 Episode 6

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What's Ragnar's big plan?

That was revealed on Vikings Season 4 Episode 6 when he told the group he planned to raid Paris again, but not everyone took this decision lightly and tried to sway his mind.

Meanwhile, Ecbert sent Aethelwulf and Alfred on a mission to Rome, but they found themselves in a deadly situation that would require the helpd of Ecbert. 

Did he help them?

Did the group manage to sway Ragnar's mind before his plan went into action. 

Use the video above to watch Vikings online to get up to speed.

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Vikings Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

The Northmen have returned. It is said they fly the black raven banner of King Ragnar Lothbrok.

Emperor Charles

Ragnar: I'm taking the boys with me to Paris.
Aslaug: They're too young.
Ragnar: It is my decision if they come or not. They are not too young to watch. In any case, they're safer with me than they were the last time with you.