Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Round Table: Too Big For Her Britches

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On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Episode 15, Daisy was given a vision of the future while trying to save a new Inhuman.

This led her down another dangerous path as we've seen her follow before, using her powers as an advantage and taking normal humans for granted. Even Agent May, who could kick Daisy's butt. Meanwhile Hive's path led him toward a conflict with Malick, whose agenda we finally found out.

Join TV Fanatics, Caralynn Lippo, Robin Harry, Jim Garner, and Kathleen Wiedel, as they discuss being able to change the future, Hive's uncovering to the agents, and Fitz's view of science...

Agents of SHIELD Round Table S3 - depreciated -

Daisy's views on using her powers still obviously have not changed after last week mission with the Watchdogs. React to her view of her advantage.

Caralynn: Her use of her powers this week wasn't as sketchy as last week's, but she still needs to get a hold of herself. It was one big eyebrow raise for me when she implied that May would be more effective standing in for her on the mission if she had her powers. C'mon, Daisy, don't be a jerk.

Robin: Man, Daisy's getting a bit full of herself, isn't she? It's one thing to see your powers as an advantage, but quite another to see everyone else as less able in combat. I mean, did she forget who Melinda May is? I have a feeling that her current hubris is going to be to her detriment quite soon.

Jim: I'm hoping this week's hubris was more related to the emotions around the vision she had than her getting "too big for her britches". Daisy has been pretty level headed, but this week she went a little extreme.

Kathleen: You guys summed it up pretty well, particularly with the use of the word "hubris." I believe I mentioned in the previous week's Round Table that Coulson needs to rein Daisy in. It's important to be aware that no matter how powerful or strong you are, there's always going to be a chance that you'll run into someone better than you. If and when that happens to Daisy, it could result in calamity for everyone around her.

After seeing the future, Daisy set out to change it. Did she ever have a shot, or are you with Fitz about it being inevitable?

Caralynn: Nah, I think Fitz was right on the money about this. Everything happened exactly as predicted, and Daisy had just misread basically the entire vision. Whether the team's inability to change the future was because of the nature of Charles' visions (they're in snip-its and don't tell a complete story) or because the future is immutable remains to be seen.

Robin: I'm with Fitz. "Doctor Who" rules; when you see what the future is, it becomes a fixed point in time. While Daisy had misinterpreted the snippets that she did see, everything she saw came to pass.

Jim: The thing about the vision of the future is that there is never any context, so it was easy for Daisy to mis-read the imagery and make choices that made the exact outcome that she saw... visions of the future can be kind of crazy.

Kathleen: I hate the idea of a preordained future, because that means that free will is utterly meaningless. That's totally depressing to me. I'm much more a fan of the Stargate "fork in the road" concept, with the future always mutable.

The team found out that Hive is occupying Ward, how will this change their tactics?

Caralynn: Well, they're definitely going to need to delve into what Hive is exactly, so they can figure out how to defeat him/it. I'm looking forward to that because I still don't have a very clear idea of what that dude is. I don't think that Hive occupying Ward will change this, per se, because it's not like they'd have any hangups about trying to save Ward or anything. They all seemed pretty OK with the fact that he was left for dead on Maveth.

Robin: I think all the rational people on the team may want to figure out what Ward's deal is, while Daisy's current state of hubris and anger will compel her to face him head on. I think they may also lend more credence to the idea that the Inhumans all serve a purpose, and they may wonder how Lash fits in to all of this after his conversation with May.

Jim: I'm going with Robin on this one. Though I will add that I think Jemma will be the exception as she's dealt with Hive on the other planet.

Kathleen: I suspect that Ward as host will probably compel our heroes to act less rationally. Ward caused all of them a lot of grief. Hive isn't Ward, but he could be called Ward's eviller twin... I do agree that Jemma's probably the one best equipped to handle this situation, courtesy of her less-than-fun experience on Maveth.

Which member from the team are you most interested in seeing interact with Hive?

Caralynn: DAISY. This may be a remnant of my SkyeWard 'shipping days, but I really want to see how she reacts to this. It would have to be weird and painful, despite the fact that any feelings she ever had for him are long since dead and buried.

Robin: Coulson. He's the one that killed Ward, and he hasn't quite been the same since he did. So I'm really interested in how he's going to deal with being face to face with the person whose ribs he shattered into his heart.

Jim: Man, I am torn! Both Caralynn and Robin pointed out the same reason I have for Coulson and Daisy.. Can I just say "yes" and remain neutral for this week? hehe.

Kathleen: I'm going to say Fitz. He and Ward always had an interesting relationship. He witnessed Ward's death, and now here's Hive, wearing Ward's face... Their interaction might very well be dramatic, indeed!

Andrew fully Lash-ed out, how will May handle this, and how will Jemma influence her decisions about it?

Caralynn: I assumed that Lash would be moved aside and not addressed for a while, especially because he's in SHIELD's lock-up and Jemma's vaccine apparently didn't work on him. He'll probably have some use later on, when the Malick/Hive/HYDRA plan gets going in full gear, but for now I think he's going to remain where he is, in that containment cube.

Robin: I expect that May will always keep in the back of her head the fact that Andrew came back because of the belief that SHIELD might need him for whatever purpose he had. Perhaps he killed all those Inhumans that Malick had because he somehow knew they'd be used for evil. When that purpose becomes clear, she'll be the first to back him up.

Jim: Ok, I have the crazy theory that Jemma's vaccine will have affected Lash and either A). Andrew will assert control as Lash, or B) he ends up a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde where Andrew comes back while he learns to control Lash. As for May and Jemma, I think Hive is going to be keeping them busy for a bit.

Kathleen: I really like Jim's idea. It has a lot of drama potential either way. I hope that Jemma doesn't give up on her vaccine, though!

Leave your comments below with how you felt about this episode! Most thought it was the best of the series, what about you? Do you think Daisy is going down a dangerous path?

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