Awkward Season 5 Episode 18 Review: Digging Deep

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Was Jenna right to shed light on her relationship with Matty?

On Awkward Season 5 Episode 18, Jenna's back was against a wall as her future at Idea Bin was called into question, so she had to dig deep and find an article that would solidify her place at the company. 

There's no denying that what she wrote went a little bit too far. It's understandable that she really needed an article, but this was low even for her. Nothing good was ever going to come from it and she should have known better. 

Fixing Things With Jake - Awkward

How would she feel if the tables were turned? She'd probably leave Palos Hills for good. The finer details of relationships are not meant to be public knowledge, so you can imagine how horrible Matty felt. 

Now to Matty, as much as I feel bad about him, his comments were horrific. Why should Jenna have checked in with him after the break-up? They broke up. That kind of says it all. They went different ways and he was the one who caused it. 

He became needy a little too fast and they made the right decision to call it off. Jenna was just getting accustomed to not being the social outcast, and Matty just seemed jealous about all of it. 

For now, the wedge between the former lovers has been driven further apart and I really hope it stays that way. There's been too much back and forth and Luke is actually the better guy for Jenna. 

Elsewhere, Jake forgiving the gang so quickly was just plain stupid. He could have kept it going for quite some time. It boggles my mind why cake and beer could help make up for getting someone fired. 

Lissa is pretty annoying, but it's evident that she has Jake's best interests at heart. She doesn't want to see him old and still working at the country club, so it was only natural that she'd try to help him move up the ranks somewhere different. 

It just sucks that we're not going to see that happen now. Thanks, Aly! Her scream gave me a headache. She feels a sense of entitlement about everything. She also has some weird crush on Jake because she's always hanging around him. 

She's the only older character we've got to see much of this half season. Jenna's parents have been mostly MIA and then there's Valerie. She's always been one of the funniest characters on the show, so it sucks not to have her around for the last hurrah. 

Here's hoping she returns at least for the finale because she will help the show go out on a high. 

"Digging Deep" was a mediocre installment of this MTV comedy. The show should have ended last year because these new episodes just aren't great. Every episode feels like filler and that's not very good for a final season. 

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Digging Deep Review

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