Bates Motel Round Table: Norma's Finest Hour

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Norma put her foot down on Bates Motel Season 4 Episode 6 when she decided she wasn't going to be pushed around and the lying was over. Meanwhile, Norman made a breakthrough in therapy.

Round table participants Stacy Glanzman, Lisa Babick, Yana Grebenyuk and Carissa Pavlica share their admiration of the episode and hope you join in the discussion.

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What are your thoughts on Norman's therapy and the revelations about his illness?

Stacy: I'm surprised that Norman seems to be doing so well in therapy. He didn't really question anything the doctor told him about what happens when he blacks out. There was no anger or denial, just acceptance, which is great progress for him. However, I can't help but feel it's the calm before the storm.

Lisa: My heart breaks for Norman. He's doing so well; I wonder if there wouldn't have been a "Psycho" if he would have gotten help sooner. He really wants to get better and is trying so hard, but like Stacy said, it's the calm before the storm.

Yana: I found it too good to be true. Everything really was so calm that you have to ask yourself when the storm will make an appearance again. I wish the help he is getting would get him a happy ending, but sadly that isn't where this is heading which makes it even worse.

Carissa: It's a shame Norma has become so good at keeping secrets, because her terrible habit will be what throws a wrench into everything. Norman is doing well with therapy, and if he found out about her marriage while he was in Pineview, he might stand a chance. The previews suggest that's not going to happen. Incoming storm!

What did you think of the way Norma handled Chick?

Stacy: Norma was brilliant all around in this episode. I'm so glad she didn't shoot him, not that I really thought she would. Confronting him and telling him she wasn't going to help him find Caleb and do what you got to do was a strong moment for her.

Lisa: I agree with everything Stacy said. There is so much development with Norma in how she handles things since she's married Romero, it's amazing. I know it's been only a short time, but she's different. Calmer.

Yana: I agree with Stacy and Lisa, Norma is shifting for the better. Thinking it over before doing something she would regret or that would cause more harm than good.

Carissa: Agreement all around, but not only because of Norma's marriage. She's also confident because she believes Norman is doing so well. She's leaving her contributions to his illness out of the overall equation and allowing herself to relax, probably too much. But this episode? She was my hero. I laughed, I cried, I cheered her on with much gusto.

Why did Chick deliver Norma her window, deciding to grant her peace and happiness?

Stacy: I think Chick accepted that Norma wasn't going to help him, and that ruining her life wasn't going to help anything. I think he kind of respected her in that moment on the bridge, and wanted her to know he would leave her alone.

Lisa: I think that somehow Chick felt sorry for her. I don't think he wanted to burden her Caleb issues, because she's had so many of her own. She's a survivor, and he saw that, and I think he actually admired her for her strength.

Yana: Chick didn't get what he wanted from her, but this response was kind of like a peace offering. He isn't going to push her when it's clear that she won't help him. And instead of getting mad, he shows that he won't try to ruin her life anymore.

Carissa: I think Chick was genuine in his desire to kind of "help" Norma get comeuppance on Caleb, but he went around it in his really bizarro way, sort of how we met him and he scared the crap out of us. Then, when Norma stood up to him, his respect for her won out over everything, and he did what was right.

Share your thoughts on Norma's gut wrenching truth session with Romero.

Stacy: That might have been my favorite Norma moment of the entire series. Watching her pour her heart out to Romero showed how far she's come and how much she loves him. It was a totally different and refreshing side of Norma from the version that keeps everything locked up inside. Romero couldn't have had a better response than "where are we going?"

Lisa: It was amazing. She's been through so much and now has found someone who is so good for her, who understands her, and who loves her as much as she loves him. They are bound forever now, and it wouldn't have been that way had she not been honest with him the way she was.

Yana: These two just win me over more and more each week. Norma sharing this much with Romero really showed how much she trusts and loves him. She kept this in for so long and to share it with him like this? And for him to just answer in a way that let's here know they are in it together? Amazing.

Carissa: There isn't much more to say. You guys covered it. It was a thrilling moment for the character, the actress and the series. Everyone watching must have had a lump in their throat like me.

What do you expect Dylan to do with the information he has about Emma's mother?

Stacy: That's a good question. He doesn't have much information yet, and I'm not sure how he will go about uncovering more. He really should just go to Seattle and get out while he can, because this can lead nowhere good.

Lisa: I think he's just going to hold on to it for now. He's obviously suspicious, otherwise he wouldn't have gone to the computer to check things out. I think when he finally puts two and two together, he's going to be conflicted as to whether or not he should do something with the information.

Yana: I have no clue. I don't think this will be resolved in one episode, he will sit on this for a while trying to thinking through what he should do. I am hoping he doesn't get involved but let's be honest he will and it won't end well. Leave Dylan! Stay clueless and safe!

Carissa: He's going to get into trouble. There had to be something that would keep him in town, right? He can't just up, up and away with his hot self, can he? And honestly, he should look into it, because...murder. So, can't blame him.

Do you have anything else you'd like to share about "The Vault"?

Stacy: Just that the acting was fantastic as always, and I hope this episode is already penciled in as their Emmy submission.

Lisa: I really liked the scene with Dylan and Norman playing croquette. Just two brothers hanging out, having fun, and talking. It was just so normal and innocent. It's just too bad little moments like that won't last.

Yana: I really loved Norma's talk with Romero, the emotions that I felt radiating from that scene made the episode great for me.

Carissa: Wouldn't it be cool if Chick sort of became another protector of Norma's, always hiding out in the bushes, and when Norman made a bad move, he saved her from being stuffed?! Way to change the story, man. Yeah. (I'm still not convinced we'll be losing her, but just in case...)

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