Chicago Fire Round Table: Kidd Takes the Gold

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Casey helped a young kid get to his high school graduation safely on Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 19 and Otis worries he might have cancer.

Below, TV Fanatics Elizabeth Harlow and Stacy Glanzman are joined by super fan Amy Perrin to discuss Casey's political career, Otis' health, and Severide's love life.

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Chicago Fire Round Table 1-27-15

Should Casey pursue national politics?

Amy: Casey does have a knack for politics, and I am sure that he would be great on the national level. However, that would be a full-time job, which would mean him having to give up being a firefighter. No way do I want Casey to leave Firehouse 51!

Elizabeth: Dear god, no. He might have a heart that wants to help people, but he has very little political savvy right now. He's shown a total lack of understanding of how to use the media and get your message out. He hasn't figured out how to build coalitions to get things done.

The only people he's made deals with are drug dealers! He's fell into some good photo ops through sheer luck, and there is some raw potential for electability, but without a decade plus of training him up to be a real political, he'd be no more than a pretty face, with the real work being done by a staff.

We haven't even seen that he has a stance on any issues, let alone ideas on how to change things other than blocking current legislation. Anybody can (try to) obstruct, talk to me when he's actually worked a deal from the ground up.

Stacy: No, I don't think politics is Casey's true passion. He's a firefighter through and through, and I don't see him giving it up to pursue politics full time. I think he's just riding the high of helping Victor right now and is being swept up in the moment.

Are you worried for Otis? Do you think he has cancer or something else?

Amy: Yes, I am worried about Otis. As soon as I saw the big red bruise/rash I thought that it had something to do with his tryst in the bar, with the Russian girl. I think it is from that versus cancer, but I am not a doctor.

Elizabeth: Eh, probably not cancer. Every time this franchise hypes something like this, it ends up not being as big of a deal as it could be. Either some kind of weird STD he picked up from the Russian girl or something that will turn out to be easily treatable once he mans up and gets the blood work done. A mineral or clotting factor deficiency maybe.

Stacy: My guess is they will hype of the drama for at least two episodes before Otis even gets the blood work done, and then it will be something completely anti-climatic. As Elizabeth said, that's pretty much the franchise M.O.

Where do you think Severide's story line with Detective Holloway is heading?

Amy: I think Severide and Holloway are headed towards a serious relationship. He seems to genuinely care about her, and her son.

Elizabeth: He'll get serious about her, but she'll have to go into witsec or something. Poor Kelly never gets a happy ending. He's just to hot for one.

Stacy: I'm worried something bad is going to happen to her while he's watching JJ at the firehouse, and he'll end up watching him for awhile.

What are your thoughts on Kidd as Molly's new manager?

Amy: Kidd is very smart, personable, and clearly knows her drinks, so I think that she will make a great manager of Molly's.

Elizabeth: Well, she's got to be better than any of the owners. I thought it was interesting that the bar olympics didn't actually have anything to do with management though.

Stacy: I have a feeling she and Herrmann are going to clash. She'll probably make some changes that he's not fond of and cause arguments, putting Dawson in the middle.

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Amy: I loved it when Casey and Victor walked out of the house, and they saw Boden right in front of a firetruck. I teared up watching Casey, Victor, his grandma, and Boden walk to Victor's graduation with all their fellow firefighters and police all lined up in support. It was beautiful.

Elizabeth: That was a great scene, but also goes to my point that he isn't a very savvy politico. There should have been media, and a hashtag, and flyers getting the whole community out. I thought that the woman hitting on Jimmy was funny, and the way he humored her was sweet. I was glad he talked the chief around on that one.

Stacy: I'm with Amy, that was one a scene to tug on the heart strings, and it was beautifully shot.

Stacy Glanzman was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in March, 2019.

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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

Brett: You should definitely get that looked at.
Otis: Oh my God, are you saying I have cancer?
Brett: No Otis, I'm not saying you have cancer. I'm saying get a doctor to look at it so you don't give yourself an ulcer.

Cruz: His mom is due back when now?
Severide: An hour and a half ago.
Cruz: Well he's not gonna be a firefighter. Maybe a dog trainer.