Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 18 Review: Un-Happily Ever After

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Rebecca got her happy ending. 

My feelings after Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 18 are mixed; while I am upset that the season ended with Greg ruining everything (you stupid bitch,) and without Grebecca riding off on their own magic carpet, the hour ended almost totally the way I expected.

Rebecca finally got her “one indescribable instant” with Josh Chan, the two seemingly gettin' it on while flying on a magic carpet convertible.

That's when the real magic moment of the finale happened, right at the end.

It was a moment so well done, in fact, that for one moment I found myself wishing the show hadn't been renewed for a second season, because the final shots of the episode were a perfect way to end Rebecca's story.

But just for a moment – of course I want to see a second season. This show is too wonderful for Rebecca's story to end there.

Let's get on our hover-boards and discuss the perfection of “Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!”

Paula Needs to Get Over Josh - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I have to start by giving accolades to the writer of this gem, Rene Gube, who does double duty as a writer, while also playing the role of fan-favorite, Father Brah.

While Josh's sister, Jayma, is getting married with a classic fairy tale-inspired Pinterest wedding, Rebecca is desperate to have a similarly inspired perfect moment with Greg, one where she can confess how deep her feelings for him have become.

Despite being a musical series, the show hasn't leaned heavily on classic Disney themes (aside from Rebecca realizing that she is the villain in her own story), opting for more of a Lonely Island feel with their storylines and music.

To help viewers get into the fairy tale spirit, the series enlisted Lea Salonga, who voices both Princess Jasmine and Mulan, two of Disney's beloved princesses, to take center stage as Josh's Aunt Myrna.

What Gube did in writing this episode was genius.

He used a laundry list of fake mouse-inspired references, combined those with predictable television tropes, and added in the elements we've already come to know and love; the smart storytelling to which we've become accustomed.

And Gube didn't disappoint viewers with that ending, despite the broken hearts of Grebecca fans.

After everything I've done for you, that you didn't ask for, the least you can do is be honest with your mother- I mean, friend.

Rebecca and Paula's relationship has been strained.

Paula, singing the seminal “villain” song, reveals the depths that she has gone to which ensured that Rebecca and Josh would end up together, things that included smuggling Armenian tracking devices and creating Valencia's work schedule.

The deeper text in Paula's song (which is easily Donna Lynne Champlin's best performance of the season), was that these assurances weren't the work of a friend trying to help a friend.

They were the work of a mother, desperate to give her daughter the life she thinks is best for her.

If you think you are over Josh, you're fooling yourself.

Rebecca chose a path when she decided to give up on Josh Chan. She chose Greg; she didn't settle for him.

Because this wasn't the plan that Paula had invested in, she turned on Rebecca, the exact way that Rebecca's mother turned on her when she chose a life in West Covina and not the life she invested in as a lawyer in New York.

Rebecca already has a mother who doesn't listen to what she actually wants in her life, one who assumes that she knows better and gets frustrated when she makes her own choices. In fact, it was one of the things that drove her to West Covina to begin with.

What Rebecca needs in Paula is a friend; not another maternal figure who will be disappointed in her.

The rift with Paula is liberating for Rebecca. Free to decide what she wants from her relationship with Greg without Paula's judgment, she takes it upon herself to manufacture a grand romantic moment to tell him that she loves him.

I'm going to get back to that part of the story shortly, but when Paula's worries about Greg end up being correct, leaving Rebecca disappointed in him, the two put aside their feud and make up, with Paula finally realizing that her love for Rebecca is more important than her need to create Rebecca's happiness.

Thank you Darryl Whitefeather, voice of reason, for talking some sense into your best friend. (How did Paula not realize that she is Darryl's best friend? I thought we all knew that!)

I hope it carries to the next season, this growth between the ladies and in their co-dependent friendship. Rebecca and Paula absolutely need each other in different ways, but they could both do well to escape some of their friendship's more unhealthy patterns.

I'm just afraid you're going to get hurt. I've known Greg since I was five, and I love the dude, but he's complicated. He quits on things as soon as they get hard. Did you know he wanted to be a professional dodge-ball player? And we're not even allowed to ask him about that now!

Another person giving Rebecca unsolicited advice about her love life was none other than her ex-boyfriend, Josh Chan, the guy who kissed her and then chose someone else.

I honestly do believe that Josh was worried that Greg would let Rebecca down and that he'd end up hurting her.

Is he driven by his own selfish love for her when pointing it out? Absolutely. But he's not wrong about Greg.

He's using truths that were well established throughout the season to warn Rebecca, truths that White Josh confirms to Rebecca later on.

I'm sorry he blew it. I know that he cares, it's just Greg - it's who he is.

White Josh (to Rebecca)

Josh and White Josh both know Greg very well.

They know that Greg will get inside of his own head and ruin everything (you stupid, stupid bitch) because that's what he does. It's just Greg.

Greg didn't just let Rebecca down. He let himself down, and sadly, he let the audience down, as well.

The bartender won our hearts early on, with his underdog status and his unrequited (and adorable) crush on Rebecca. We all saw his song, “What'll It Be?” as a sad anthem about his hopes and dreams being crushed because he couldn't break out of West Covina.

Greg's Dad: Oh, come on. This is fear talking. You're just afraid she's gonna hurt you again.
Greg: I know what I need to do. I need to be, like, the uncaring bad boy.
Greg's Dad: Oh my god, you're an idiot.

And now we know that Greg's situation in life is really his own creation. He could make it all better – if he wanted.

Greg finally had everything he wanted; he was happy, he had the girl, he's on the path to success in his career – but the only thing he's confident about is the eventual disappointment he assumed would come his way.

His self-destructive tendencies, the ones that Paula, Heather, and Josh have pointed out all season, the ones we all chose to ignore as an audience because of our predisposed love of Greg, they all came to the forefront as we watched Greg talk himself out of happiness.

Rebecca may have been the one who sang about her self-pity ruining everything this season, but the song could truly belong to Greg, after this episode.

This night's gotten pretty off track. This isn't us. This isn't how we are.

Rebecca (to Greg)

In many ways Greg and Rebecca are completely compatible. They both appreciate the musical fantasy of life. When Rebecca walked down the stairs, announcing herself, Greg looked at her in that way that every girl hopes their partner will look at them, total and utter love in his eyes.

He knows that Rebecca is crazy, but he loves crazy. (See what I did there, Frozen fans?) He knows every little scheme of Rebecca's to win Josh's love. He knows that Paula orchestrated many of the obstacles between them.

And despite all of that, Greg still wants to be with Rebecca. He's not at all turned off by knowing every nutty bit of truth about her, unlike Josh, which I'll get to in a moment.

I love you, Rebecca - I shoulda said, 'I love you.' (Throws up into a garbage can.)


It's a fitting ending for Greg, if the show hadn't been picked up for a second season, a decision that was not yet made when this episode was written and filmed.

Greg fans can rejoice that their underdog hero will get a second chance to turn things around, because were it not for that renewal, Greg really becomes a tragic character, one who we know will continue his awful pattern of drunken self-hate for himself.

You know, for the last few months, I thought Rebecca Bunch was our problem, but it's not. It's you.

Valencia (to Josh)

Josh and Valencia were doomed from the first time we saw them. They were obviously mismatched, with just a sexual connection keeping them together.

The writers did a great job of pulling Valencia back, making her less of a villain and more sympathetic to the audience. Heck, when Josh said that he was going to propose to her, I did a happy dance along with her.

While Greg was wrong about many things, he right about Josh and Valencia. She's been patient, sticking with Josh for fifteen years. Josh wasn't being fair to her at all.

But the fact still remains that these two aren't right for each other.

I found Valencia's admission that the problem in their relationship wasn't Rebecca to be a huge sign of growth for the character, and when the series returns next season, I hope that Gabrielle Ruiz not only returns as Valencia, but that she's upgraded to series regular.

I think there's still a lot of Valencia's story to unfold now that there's more time to explore her character, and plenty of new opportunities for Valencia to become a “crazy” ex-girlfriend in her own way.

The breakups between Josh and Valencia and Rebecca and Greg left only one loose end to tie – Rebecca and Josh's reunion.

I saw it coming a mile away. I knew that if the series were to end right here, Rebecca and Josh would have to end up together.

Rebecca (to Josh): I moved here for you. The second I saw you on the street in New York, I just knew you were the answer to all my problems. I lost sight of it for a minute but now I know for sure. This is our moment Josh Chan. I'm so excited that our love story can finally begin!

What I didn't expect was how perfect of an ending it would truly be.

Rebecca finally told Josh the whole story of how she mysteriously ended up in West Covina.

Judging by Josh's horrified and confused look while listening to her tale, he finally knows exactly how crazy his ex is.

If this was where this show ended, I'd consider it perfect.

Rebecca, Greg, Paula, Valencia, Josh...they've all done terrible things this season to reach their own version of a happy ending.

It's perfectly fitting that they'd all get exactly what they deserved.

White Josh: You sure we're supposed to be wearing tuxes dude?
Darryl: We are here to celebrate love and we're gonna do it at a 10, am I right?
White: Yeah, we're fancy! (to no one) Deal with it!

It's also fitting that the only characters who seem to get a truly happy ending are Darryl and White Josh, who were the only voices of reason throughout the season. They found happiness with each other in the most surprising and well received side story I've seen on television in years. 

Thank goodness that WhiteFeatherJosh made it happily to the end and that they will continue their streak of being the best scene stealers on the series.

The stage is set for another fabulous musical season. I have nothing but complete confidence that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 will not disappoint. 

Let's all sit back and wait patiently for Rachel Bloom's Emmy nomination, one she undoubtedly deserves.

So TV Fanatics, how did you feel after Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's big finale? Are you satisfied with the outcome? Are you already counting the months until Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2? Sound off in the comments below!

If you're already in a sexy French depression because you miss Rebecca, and those who are definitely her friends, you can watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend from the beginning right here at TV Fanatic!

Paula Needs to Get Over Josh! Review

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

If you think you are over Josh, you're fooling yourself.


After everything I've done for you, that you didn't ask for, the least you can do is be honest with your mother- I mean, friend.