DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 12 Review: Last Refuge

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Hello little Legends!

We got to meet all of them on DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 12, as a new player was thrust into time to erase the future Legends from existence. For a group of nobodies, they sure are causing a lot of trouble all over time, aren't they?!

Legends of Tomorrow is still the most fun of the three DC superhero shows on The CW. Can it stay that way?

Young Mick in Trouble - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

It's always fun when the characters get to go back and interact with their past selves. I've been waiting for the moment Mick got the chance to do it, and his surely didn't disappoint.

We have confirmation that killing themselves in the past wipes them out of the present and future. That's a relief. No more questioning of that. Removing them from the line will also drastically change their lives as they knew them to those who are still living those lives.

That was seen especially with Stein and his wife, Clarissa, who had no recollection of him. I found it surprising he never said goodbye to her because he assumed they'd be returned to the exact moment they left. 

That's a hell of an assumption to make, isn't it? And why would a scientist such as himself make an assumption like that? It seemed highly unlikely he'd just plunge in without confirmation. Poor dude.

Baby Snart with his dark blue blanket was adorable. What a cute idea to swaddle him in his signature dark color. 

Since the younger selves are only supposed to be gone for a minute of their lives, it will be interesting to see if that remains true and whether the talk Mick had with himself has any impact. Thankfully, by now he already had Time Master training, so it's unnecessary, but he deserves some peace of mind.

Jax discovered his father was there for him and his mother when he was born. He never knew that, and it meant the world. This was the most development overall for his character since we've met him. It's about time.

The Pilgrim taking their family members in lieu of their younger selves made sense, but it would have had more of an impact if she had threatened to wipe those characters out of their existence, especially parents, so that the Legends had never been born in the first place.

It would have been far more effective for The Pilgrim to take Quentin Lance or Mr. Jackson out before Sara or Jax were born. Sara and Jax could have interacted with the characters just the same, imploring them to continue on their paths, similar to how Stein did with his younger self to meet Clarissa earlier in the season.

Clarissa could have missed that very same mixer we've already seen in another timeline. Ray's situation could have changed so Anna had been saved while he was killed (well, not really, but you get the idea). Anything to really switch things up. Thoughts?

We have to talk about that pesky romance between Kendra and Ray again. One of the things I loved about Ray and Felicity on Arrow Season 3 was that both of them are flirty and fun. That's rare on these shows. Too much angst.

Kendra is borderline angst. She's pushing the envelope toward more angst than I want in a character.

When Ray was being internally damaged because The Pilgrim was attacking him in 2014, Kendra let her freak flag fly and said she wanted to be with Ray forever. So he mentioned the ring he's been pouting over since they came back to the Waverider.

Suddenly, Kendra didn't think marriage was such a good idea. Cue the angst. When Kendra finally told Ray what was going on, his attitude was, hey, you can either be happy with me or take the advice of another, bitter version of you and be unhappy. Your choice. She eventually chose Ray.

I want that to be the last of it. DO YOU HEAR ME WRITER PEOPLE? Kendra made her choice. She doesn't get to soak in it, then wring out the cloth, then soak it up with water again, then wring it out and over and over. I don't care about Carter. He's dead. Sorry. I didn't kill him!

Misc. Thoughts:

  • Why was young Rip still in the safe house? If he was telling all the future Legends it would be a short stop, why was his so long, and why didn't he age? That was really weird.
  • The Pilgrim can control time in her immediate vicinity with temporal micro-manipulation. For this she needs her hands, of which she only has two. Yet she can hold off all the Legends in a circle around her. But little Rip can get through. So he slid under time? I don't get it.
  • Didn't Rip's mum remind you of a combination of a Doctor Who character and Mary Poppins?
  • Young Mick and Sara fighting, with Sara slapping Mick across the face, was friggin' hilarious. I like that present Mick and Sara are developing a friendship something like Sara's and Snart's.

As long as the show leaves the characters light in tone even if the plot itself turns dark, it can continue to be a fun show. I have to hope this one doesn't eventually suffer from the blues like Arrow and The Flash

There is really only so much time you can spend in the doldrums with your superheroes when you really want to be enjoying them and watching them kick ass. Don't we watch to see them prevail and conquer?

Quips and battles. Bury the bad guys. Our team wins! We should be jumping out of our seats screaming, "F*ck yeah!" Right? I'm not alone, am I? 

Do you think the characters can be light and breezy while still battling dark and dreary bad guys? Does it work? I'd love your thoughts. I love these characters too much to see them get bogged down. Chime in!

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Last Refuge Review

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Young Sara [looking at older Sara]: Oh my God. She's...
Mick: Quite the badass.

Come with me if you want to live. I've always wanted to say that!