Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Monster-In-Law

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There's no argument that Catherine was at the worst on Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 17.

But while the Avery family drama reached Shakespearean heights depths, it wasn't the only story that there was much ado about. 

New grants, new flirtations and renewed friendships all featured heavily, as did the ongoing animosity between Riggs and Hunt. Join TV Fanatics Kelly Thompson, Stacy Glanzman, and Elizabeth Harlow as they dig into all the juicy bits of "I Wear The Face."

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Owen's sister Megan was brought up. Again. Do you think she'll be appearing? Who should play her?

Kelly: I hope she doesn't make an appearance because that would just be too ridiculous. What I do hope for is Owen to start acting professional and leave Riggs alone. But to actual answer your question, she I think she will eventually show up and I have no idea who should play her.

Stacy: I wish this story line would die, but they seem intent to keep it going. I have to assume she will be showing up at some point, but I honestly don't care who plays her.

Elizabeth: Stacy, I agree that this story needs to die, but if there's not some kind of payoff, I'm gonna to be pretty pissed. It's hard to imagine a non-redhead in the role. Since Shonda alumna Rachelle Lefevre is busy over on CBS, I think Karen Gillian or Lauren Ambrose would be good picks.

Will Penny end up taking the grant? How do you think Callie is really taking it?

Kelly: Penny will and should take this grant. It will be great for her career. There is absolutely no way Callie will be ok with Penny taking this grant. When Arizona got a grant and had to leave Seattle, they broke up so that must be running through Callie's mind. However, if Penny and Callie do break up, it won't be the end of the world. Penny and Callie don't really have any chemistry but I do like the character of Penny so I hope she sticks around.

Stacy: I hope so. I don't hate Penny or anything, but I am also not the least bit attached to her, so I'm fine with her going. However, I suspect she will give it up and stay with Callie once Callie lets her real feelings be known.

Elizabeth: After the way her friendships blew up, it's hard to imagine her wanting to stick around. But the practicality says that with Jerrika Hinton pulling double duty for Shonda, it makes more sense for her to end up temporarily leaving. Callie also seemed less than enthusiastic about Penny leaving. Although I'm with Kelly that those two breaking up wouldn't be too upsetting.

Were Jo and Stephanie justified in their anger towards Penny? Do you think there's a chance that friendship can be salvaged?

Kelly: NO! Penny can do whatever she wants without needing to explain herself to them. They've been friends for all of 2 seconds and very quickly talked about Penny behind her back. I don't want Penny to be friends with them. I hope she finds new friends.

Stacy: No, Penny didn't do anything wrong. It's not like she was lying to them when she originally said she wasn't going to apply. She changed her mind, and she doesn't have to explain that to anyone except maybe Callie.

Elizabeth: Penny didn't do anything wrong, but it does raise the question of who else she is supposed to be friends with. I can sort of understand Jo and Stephanie's initial reactions, but I do hope they apologize to her. They'll make up after a while; it's too hard to have characters isolated on this show. 

Wilmer Valderrama as Kyle Diaz: hot or not? Are you looking forward to his extended arc?

Kelly: He definitely looked good but I have zero interest in his extended arc.

Stacy: I liked him. I thought he was cute and sweet, not to mention a darn good guitar player. I don't mind that he's sticking around.

Elizabeth: I still associate Valderrama with Fez, so it was a little weird that Kyle was so suave. I kind of wish Stephanie could have figured out her career/friend dilemma without involving some rando hot guy, but oh well. Just so long as she doesn't go all crazy Izzie on us.

What did you think about the teenage pregnancy story? Washington state law would likely make Jenny a "mature minor" and capable of making her own decisions. Would you agree with Arizona, April, or Ben on this one?

Kelly: Tough question. Arizona was ultimately right because she was following the law but no one at Grey Sloane ever follows the law so of course there is a point to April's side as well. I would agree with Arizona only because the law backs her up.

Stacy: I was mostly mad at April for promising Jenny she wouldn't tell her mom and then doing just that. Doctors should be more careful about what kinds of promises they make to patients and their families. I'm with Arizona on this one. If there is no law saying that they had to tell her mom, then Jenny should have been allowed to make her own decisions. It's her body.

Elizabeth: This was one of the stories where I had to keep reminding myself that it was Grey's and to just let it go. Arizona was definitely in the right of things though. Jenny would probably qualify as a "mature minor," and telling her mother was a major violation of trust and privilege. April should have known that more than anyone.

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