Grimm Round Table: Adalind's Fear

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Nick and Hank investigated a Wesen enacting ritualistic revenge while Adalind went back to work and Monroe and Rosalee explored the tunnel on Grimm Season 5 Episode 17, "Inugami."

Join Grimm Round Table panelists Doug Wolfe, Allison Nichols, and Kathleen Wiedel as they discuss such issues as arc distraction, Adalind keeping secrets, Wu's situation, and more. As always, viewers are invited and encouraged to join in the discussion by adding their thoughts in the comments section below!

Grimm Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of the Case of the Week involving the Inugami? Did you enjoy the story, or did you find it distracting from the long-term arcs?

Doug: It was an okay take-it-or-leave-it story. I didn’t hate it, but yeah, it did distract from the long-term stuff. I would have enjoyed seeing Rosalee and Monroe explore that passage a lot more.

Allison: It was definitely distracting, but I enjoyed it. I was pleasantly surprised by the route the case took.

Kathleen: Like Doug, I found the story pretty meh. I mean, it wasn't terrible, but I didn't find it enormously compelling, either. Plus, there are just too many "slow burn" arcs in the air at the moment, and they really need to just take care of some of them before the viewers lose interest.

Why hadn't Adalind revealed the return of her 'biest to Nick? Is the 'biest already leading her down the dark path again, or was she just scared?

Doug: I think she’s going to tell him, but right now she’s just too afraid. There’s a lot more than their budding romance in peril here. She has Kelly to think about.

Allison: She's definitely just scared. She's worried for her relationship that she's established with Nick and the rest of Team Grimm, and she's worried about Kelly. Adalind's transformation doesn't just affect her.

Kathleen: It's a well-known fact that fear causes people to make bad decisions, and it's quite possible that's what happened here with Adalind. Admittedly, good decision-making has not been a hallmark of her character in the past, either. I'm not altogether inclined to think the best of Adalind, but there's not enough evidence to conclude that her secrecy is due to the negative influece of being a Hexenbiest again.

Share your thoughts on Wu's deteriorating situation.

Doug: I just want the writers to get with the program and bring that whole arc to life already. Wu has a bothersome dream, opens the mysterious door to find it’s just his bathroom but…wait, there’s some leaves on the floor. Come on. This progression is pure werewolf story tradition. It’s too predictable. I want to see the conflict and resolution of this. Maybe Wu will be permanently changed. A new Wesen category maybe?

Allison: I'm with Doug. We have too many slow moving mysteries already. Let's dive into it. I don't want to have to wait around to find out what's going on with Wu.

Kathleen: Doug, you pretty much nailed it. Let's get a move on, Grimm, and just tell the story. While I fully expect it to be a werewolf story, as you said, I'm hoping that this will mean interesting character development for Wu, who is up there as my favorite character on this series.

Eve warned Adalind not to harm Nick. Is this residual sentiment from Juliette, pragmatism, or something else?

Doug: I thought we saw just a bit of Juliette come through with that warning.

Allison: I feel like Eve is aware of the fact that she should be protecting Nick because she used to be Juliette. Eve has all the memories, but she doesn't directly connect with them or feel those emotions. Eve just knows that protecting Nick is something that she should be doing because of who she was and also because Eve wants to continue to have a working relationship with Nick.

Kathleen: Personally, I'm hesitant to ascribe any sort of sentimentality to Eve. Then again, it's definitely possible that Allison may be onto something.

Black Claw has produced Diana for Renard. What are your thoughts on this development?

Doug: Like your review says, it opens up a full box of questions. Where’s she been all this time? How the heck did Black Claw get their claws into her when the last we saw, Meisner had her? What’s Black Claw’s play here? How badly has Diana been brainwashed by Black Claw at this point? Even as a baby she showed some badass powers. Will she rival Eve? So many questions… and zero answers so far.

Allison: I'm intrigued. I'm wondering if Diana has been willingly working with Black Claw or if she's just let them look after her. We know Diana has power, but we don't really know how aware she is of all the politics and power moves that are happening around her.

Kathleen: Maybe now they'll (finally) give us some answers about Diana's nature, like what exactly it is that makes her so powerful and valuable. So far, it's come across like Voldemort trying to kill Harry Potter, but no one ever heard the prophecy. 

Allison also brings up a good question on how much Diana knows about what's going on around her. She seemed perfectly happy for Meisner to toss her grandfather out of the helicopter, for instance. Is Diana biding her time and playing the obedient princess for Black Claw? Please, Grimm, give us some answers!

Share your favorite scene or quote from this episode.

Doug: I enjoyed Monroe and Rosalee’s excursion into the tunnels. Wish we could have seen more of it.

Allison: I'm with Doug. I loved the two of them searching around down there and being worried about rats and oceans. I wish we actually learned something from their excursion though.

Kathleen: I'll share this rather awkward exchange:

Rosalee [on Eve having sex while disguised as Renard]: Well. I wonder what that was like.
Nick: ...I didn't... ask...

Be sure to check back for our review after Grimm Season 5 Episode 18, "Good to the Bone," airs on Friday, April 22, 2016 at 9/8c on NBC!

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Grimm Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

Maybe hold your breath, just in case?

Monroe [on opening a mysterious door]

Rosalee [on Eve having sex while disguised as Renard]: Well. I wonder what that was like.
Nick: ...I didn't... ask...