Nashville Season 4 Episode 15 Review: Where There's a Fire in Your Heart

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Tour drama heats things up on Nashville Season 4 Episode 15.

Layla's still desperate to get a gig as an opener, which drives her to Luke to ask for his help, after Rayna decides to go on the road and be Layla's big star.

Layla is still going after Avery, though I don't see her endgame anymore. What is she planning? It doesn't even seem like she knows anymore, she's just making everyone suffer.

Scarlett and Gunnar try to bond with Autumn Chase to make their own tour more fun, but Autumn is a bit stranger than they're used to. She's straight-forward, blunt, and isn't afraid to fire.

Though Autumn spread their story around after she practically forced it out of them was just gross. It's none of your business why they broke up, girl, stop telling the world and being such a nasty person. 

If only that was her only problem. Scarlett stood up to her, so now she's going to try and seduce Gunnar. Why was this necessary? They're going to be in hell on this entire tour.

Rayna's special appearance on Autumn's tour made her miss the good ole days, so now the tour that was originally for Layla, will be just for her.

It'll be nice to see Rayna performing again; multimedia woman just doesn't suit her as well as international country star.

Maddie sneaked away with Cash to play her music at a bar, which with Maddie's luck, there was no chance that was ending well. Instead, it ended with Deacon punching again and threatening Cash.

I still get a creepy vibe from Cash. Why are you best friends with someone so much younger than you are, and why are you so protective of her? I love that she's helping Maddie with her music, but still. And poor Daphne.

Has Juliette really changed? I think so.

Desperate to get Glen back and return to the stage, Glen rejects Juliette, leading to an impromptu performance at the Grand Ole Opry, where we see the new person that Juliette has become.

She's willing to let the people she loves know how she feels and speak to them about it, though she definitely still needs some work. She would've never figured it out without Avery, though. 

Please let the Juliette/Avery/Layla story end very soon, because first, love triangles are so overdone, and second, Layla is minutes away from losing her mind and that's the last thing we need.

Juliette's return to stage with such a beautiful song was a very welcome gift to Nashville. It's been too long. Luckily, Glen rejoined her team, too, because it's time for Juliette Barnes to be back in the spotlight.

Hopefully she's really changed this.

If Deacon and Rayna are supposed to tour together, how will him attacking that guy at the bar change that plan? Will they still go together, or is this the excuse Deacon needed to stay home with the girls.

Neither of which he can trust at the moment. 

Meanwhile, Will and Kevin melt my heart and then shatter it, because Kevin has a new boyfriend and I'm ready to fight him. You belong together! Get back together! Write beautiful music!

You can watch Nashville online to see the good times between Will and Kevin and watch the beginning of the season to see how each character ended up in the mess they're in now. 

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Where There's a Fire in Your Heart Review

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