Outlander Round Table: Crazy, Petulant, Ridiculous Rulers

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While Jamie was dealing with the crazy, petulant, ridiculous rulers (and wannabes) of France, Claire discovered Black Jack Randall was alive when she met his brother on Outlander Season 2 Episode 2

Join round table participants Lisa Babick, Amanda Steinmetz, Stacy Glanzman, Elizabeth Harlow and Carissa Pavlica as they discuss that, as well new friends and strange settings. The comments section awaits!!

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This is our first taste of Parisian society in the 1740s. What did you make of Claire's new friend, Louise?

Lisa: Every girl should have a friend like Louise. She was a riot. So uninhibited and carefree. It's a good thing Claire is the way she is, though, because too much Louise could spell trouble.

Amanda: I loved all the clothing and set design! That era was beautiful. While I thought Louise was entertaining, she seems like she could easily betray Claire somehow.

Stacy: She was funny, but also a little over-the-top. She's a character that will be fun to have around in small doses.

Elizabeth: I loved Louise, and thought she was pretty spot on from the book. I did envision her with some fun wigs at court, and a little more of a trial for Claire to put up with. She entered so quickly though. I'm just hoping that certain aspects of her plot from the books don't get cut.

Carissa: I was surprised she was someone Claire grew so close to so fast, to be honest. Although Jamie did like what ultimately happened to Claire's honeypot. Sheesh! They ARE good friends. I agree with Amanda, she seems like someone who could turn on you.

What did you think of the party at Versailles? Do you think our Scottish friends are fitting in well?

Lisa: The costumes were amazing. Jamie and Claire seemed to fit in quite well, but Murtagh not so much. Though he did seem to enjoy the Swan dress quite a bit.

Amanda: I agree with Lisa. Murtagh stuck out, but Jamie and Claire are much better at attempting to blend in. The party was decadent, and I wouldn't expect anything less from a party at Versailles.

Stacy: I agree that the costumes were really well done. I thought they did a pretty good job of fitting in, but agree that Murtagh could work on it little more.

Elizabeth: Claire's dress was actually a little less revealing than what I was expecting. I loved the scene where Jamie and Murtagh go to watch the King dress. What an uncomfortable situation for everyone.

Carissa: Claire is definitely making the most of it, but still was surprised when the finance minister did, as well! Jamie and Murtagh pushed their way to the front of all the excitement in the King's chamber. That was hilarious. Who'd want front row seats for that?!

We've met them both. Thoughts on Bonnie Prince Charlie and King Louis XV?

Lisa: They're both a little nuts. If I had to choose one to hang out with, I'd probably choose Bonnie Prince Charlie. He seems a lot more fun and adventurous than a guy who likes to have people watch him poop.

Amanda: Both are not people I would want to spend more than 30 seconds with, but I guess I'll go with Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Stacy: I can now see why the French Revolution occurs. Crazy, petulant, ridiculous rulers.

Elizabeth: I was expecting Charles to be a little more childlike actually. I would probably be more interested in spending time with Louis, although you'd have to be more careful around him since he actually has the power to punish people. He also seems less insipid, at least when he's not constipated.

Carissa: Charlie was not for me. He seemed annoying and whiny. And while Louis was whining, he had good reason. Not only was he constipated, but he was trying to do his business in a room full of people. Good god. I liked the way he took to Jamie, though. Seemed like they could be friends.

Now that Claire has confirmation that Black Jack is alive from his look-alike brother, Alexander, how do you expect Jamie to deal with it?

Lisa: Jamie is not going to be happy at all. I think the whole mission to stop the Jacobite rebellion is going to come to a halt. His only mission is going to be finding and killing Black Jack.

Amanda: Jamie will definitely lose focus on the current mission. He's still dealing with the emotional scars left behind be Black Jack, and Jamie will not be able to move on knowing he's still out there.

Stacy: It will be interesting to see if Claire tells him right away, or if she spends some time struggling with the decision. Once he finds out, no amount of herbal tea is going to help him sleep until he's dead for real.

Elizabeth: I'd be wary of telling Jamie myself. It's not like he's likely to run into Randall while they're in France, and he's not ready to deal with the news yet. I don't think it would cause him to lose focus on the mission so much can as torment him.

Carissa: Jamie is already tormented, so knowing Randall is alive will only do so much more to him. I'd be wary of not telling him on the off chance he ran into someone else who knew or Alexander himself, who looks enough like him to throw off an already wary man like Jamie. Overall, it will be rough going.

Was there anything else from the episode that stood out for you?

Lisa: The dildos for rent just blew my mind. And Claire's dress was absolutely fabulous.

Amanda: Um.... Claire's dress! So unbelievably gorgeous. Also, I loved the perplexed faces of the French people watching Jamie and Murtagh fight.

Stacy: The dildos prompted Elizabeth and I to have a conversation about just how long they've been in existence. Who knew there were prehistoric sex toys?

Elizabeth: The brothel scene was hilarious on so many levels – the piss poor acting by the whores had me cracking up. I was really excited to meet Maitre Raymond and Louise though. Ron Moore and the writing team are blazing through the first part of the book, so I can't wait to see where everything's heading.

Carissa: While I loved Claire's dress, her shoes had me drooling. The whole package was just amazing. Everything is so beautiful!! And their sex scene cracked me up. Honeypot. Oh my goodness.

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