Quantico Round Table: Shady or Innocent?

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On Quantico Season 1 Episode 19, it was career day! While everyone was getting one step closer to their future career, Drew bid Quantico adieu. His future career as an agent depended on him getting cleared by a doctor, and Drew was pretty sure wasn't going to happen. 

Below, TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Kelly Thompson, and Allison Nichols discuss whether or not Shelby and Caleb are innocent or guilty

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What did you think of Nimah and Raina's handler, Marshall?

Kelly: He actually seemed like he was trying to help them, so I was a fan. Why he couldn't have just told them that to begin with, I'll never know.

Paul: I didn't like him at all. He seemed like another annoying character that's come into the fold and will serve little purpose in a few weeks.

Allison: I felt like Nimah and Raina dismissed him a little too quickly. They were used to Miranda who kept them in the loop on basically everything. I wasn’t his biggest fan, but I did like that he recognized that one day the face of the terrorists would change, which could make Nimah and Raina’s specialty useless.

Are you slightly suspicious of Caleb and Shelby or do you think they are actually innocent aka not the Voice?

Kelly: I think Shelby is innocent, but Caleb has always been a little shady. Whoever they reveal next is working with The Voice, I hope that they stick with it. It was such a quick turn around for Shelby, and this show needs to follow through on someone being evil/bad.

Paul: I really don't think either of them is innocent. There's something off with both of them, and I can't wait for their part in the attacks to be revealed. As if Shelby would look at Alex the way she did out the car if she was innocent.

Allison: I’m with Paul. I’m suspicious of both of them. We know Caleb and Shelby have been in contact, and I don’t think that the Shelby we know, if she is innocent, would let Caleb’s mom just shove him away and ignore his addiction.

Do you think Drew made the right decision by leaving Quantico or should he have seen the doctors?

Kelly: Yes. Good riddance Drew. I shall never think of you again nor do I think Alex will.

Paul: I'll miss looking at Drew every week. Can he get an encore?

Allison: I feel like if it were me, I’d want to know, but then again, if I was already sure it would be a death sentence, of sorts, ignorance is bliss. I’ll definitely miss looking at Drew, but I won’t miss the Drew/Alex/Ryan drama.

What did you think of Will's nuke reveal and then sudden death? Any theories on what The Voice is up to?

Kelly: I figured Will would show up again, but I'm sad to see him die. The more and more I think about, I think Ryan is The Voice or at least working with him/her. What the plan is, I have no idea. Obviously, to use the bomb but where and for what purpose, I don't know.

Paul: I didn't care for this. The show is getting more farfetched by the week, and I don't know if I can put up with these twists that are so far out there. They need to tone it down. The Voice needs to reveal their identity before the show drags on.

Allison: I didn’t like how Will died. I mean he was on death’s door, but he had enough time to deliver the nuke message to Alex and Shelby? That’s a bit coincidental. Will was a great character, and it’s a shame that he died and died a lame death at that.

Are you enjoying the storylines at Quantico? If not, is there anything that could be done/changed to make it more enjoyable to watch?

Kelly: It seems like the NATs will be graduating soon, so there is nothing to be done to fix the Quantico storyline. Having it end is enough for me.

Paul: I'm with Kelly here. The only person worth watching recently at Quantico was Drew, and he's gone.

Allison: I don’t really think it can be saved. While it is somewhat interesting to see what NATS go through in training, Quantico was used as a way to explore more secrets. We have enough secrets and twists happening with the terrorist storyline in the present. There’s no need for more drama. I’ll miss what the Quantico scenes could have been, but I won’t miss what they actually are.

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