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Buh-bye Drew, I won't miss you. 

On Quantico Season 1 Episode 19, a lot of the Quantico storyline was devoted to Drew's recently discovered tremors. Seriously, if Drew does have an actual medical issue, why is it that we just now caught a glimpse of it?

The sudden presence of the tremors was a little annoying, especially since they were the reason Drew left Quantico, but they weren't the main issue with this storyline. The real issue is that we had to endure this drama to begin with.

Career Day - Quantico

The whole thing was just over dramatic. Between having to watch Alex wrestle with whether or not to turn Drew in to Drew's announcement that it was a serious medical condition was just too much. It didn't help that I really did not care at all about Drew's predicament.

For the past couple weeks, a major storyline at Quantico has been about the annoyance that is Alex/Drew/Ryan. There have been multiple instances of Alex accusing Ryan of somehow messing with Drew, and so at this point, I kind of want to punch all three of them.

We needed a major break from any drama that had to deal with any of those three, but that's not what we got.

Of course it was nice that Alex didn't run around accusing Ryan of anything this week, but instead, it's Ryan who tells Alex that she needs to come clean if she knows that a trainee has a medical condition. Once again, we had to endure a storyline centered around Ryan, Alex, and Drew.

This is why I let out a huge sigh of relief whenever we learned that Drew had left Quantico. I felt like I had been freed from a torturous prison. I don't know what the next Quantico storyline will bring, but I can pray that it doesn't involve any Alex and Ryan drama. Will you miss Drew?

Shelby: Did somebody get cut from Team Parrish?
Alex: Quit, actually.
Shelby: Better offer?
Alex: Pfft, please.

The rest of our time at Quantico really wasn't much better. There wasn't any captivating storyline. Sistemics wore out its entertainment value so many episodes ago. Raina and Nimah are okay, but their handler drama wasn't all that exciting.

One way to shake up the Quantico storylines would be to focus on some different trainees. We haven't really gotten to know Brandon that much, so let's delve into his journey a bit more. I'm not saying I want to follow around new trainees, and then discover that they too have mind blowing secrets. We don't need any more secrets. 

Iris: I hope you're not afraid of heights.
Brandon: No, just falling.

What do you think? Is there any way to re-energize the scenes at Quantico or would you rather just focus on the hunt for The Voice?

In the present, Shelby's return was amazing. I love her dynamic with Alex. They have a great friendship, but it can also be fun to watch them be antagonistic. That interview scene was fantastic.

I don't know if I could carry on a conversation while tapping out a secret message in Morse code. I just don't think I'm that talented. Could you do it?

Those secret phone calls that Caleb was making? At least one of them was to Shelby, and so it wouldn't be too farfetched to think that the one he made outside of his parents house – "she bought it" – was also to Shelby.

I'm suspicious.

Caleb acted like he didn't know where Shelby was, and then we found out he had been talking to her. Shelby said she had been in contact with Caleb, and so she obviously knew about his mom keeping him locked up.

The Shelby Wyatt we met at Quantico would not sit idly by and let Caleb, a heroin addict, not receive the treatment he desperately needs.

I'm starting to think that Shelby and Caleb are The Voice or at least working with them. If they are not, then I'm going to need them to be completely absolved of suspicion.

If The Voice is just a bunch of voices braided together, then couldn't they just schedule when a call would be made and already have The Voice's dialogue ready to go?

Think about it. Sure, both Caleb and Shelby were in the room with Alex when The Voice called Shelby, but if Shelby was the terrorist, then she could have a script worked out.

The whole conversation would be preplanned. Caleb and Shelby are both technically savvy enough to make it work. Am I crazy or do you share my suspicions?

Okay, let's talk about whatever the hell happened at that church. It was so over dramatic and just completely out of nowhere. You mean to tell me that Will had just enough life left in him to wait for Shelby and Alex to arrive, reveal that he built a nuke, and then die? Yeah, no.

The whole exchange just left a weird taste in my mouth. It came out of nowhere and not in a good way. It wasn't shocking; it was just confusing. RIP Will?

What did you think of the episode? Leave your thoughts and conspiracy theories in a comment below.

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