Scandal Season 5 Episode 19 Review: Buckle Up

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Jealousy is not the best trait to have. Just ask Olivia Pope.

On Scandal Season 5 Episode 19, Olivia wasn't in as many scenes as usual, but she had a halo effect throughout and it showed that even when she isn't on screen, she's still the god damn center of attention. 

I'm calling it now. 

Olivia Pope is totally jealous of Abby and her success in the white house. Abby had every reason to go after Olivia after the way she has treated her recently. 

The one thing I didn't like was that it could have blown their respective candidate's chance of being elected. 

They need to go into the middle of nowhere and hash all of this out because it's not fair to have innocent people caught in the crossfire.

They also need to do some growing up. 

Olivia thinking she's entitled to the white house is a bit rich. There's no denying she's fantastic at her job, but her jealousy of Abby is astounding. 

Olivia's mind is clearly going into overdrive because she feels like Abby is living the life that she wants. The thing is, Olivia has had so many opportunities to live her life in there, but something has always popped up. 

At the very least, Olivia should be taking it as a compliment that Abby is so high up the ranks in there. She probably wouldn't be if Olivia hadn't saved her from her troubled life. 

That said, that is not something Olivia should be using against her. That's not something a friend would do, and I hope to God that Abby isn't in the mood to kiss and make up any time soon. 

Olivia needs to realize that actions have consequences and face up to her mistakes. As evil as Andrew was, Olivia took his life, and based on that declaration to Huck, she loved bashing in his brains. 


It seems like Olivia is too far gone at this stage. She needs to take a three year vacation from society and try and get some normal back in her life before it's too late. 

Obviously, she can't just disappear because Rowan would take his anger out on Jake or something. 

As much as I feel like Abby is getting the short straw in all of this, she should have known better than to engage in these petty games with Liv. 

Her argument with Fitz near the top of the hour had me clapping for her. She stood up for what she believed in and kind of redeemed her actions. 

For now, it seems like Liv and Abby are on the same page, but after Hollis Doyle is out of the equation, they will probably return to trying to take each other out. 

That twist with Hollis winning Florida was freaking hilarious. You've got to be prepared to have the rug pulled out from under you when watching Shonda's shows, but this was just gold. 

Liz thinking Susan had it in the bag was even funnier. Susan may be a nice person, but one great speech at the end of a terrible debate isn't going to win her much favor with the citizens of America. 

Liz and Abby are going to need to step up their game if Susan has any hope of winning. The main thing she needs is a nice dose of confidence because she just always comes across as nervous and that won't extend very well to making decisions for the good of the country. 

Another main talking point was the scenes with Fitz and Mellie. 

It's been a long time coming for these two. They had to talk to one another eventually, but I did not expect it to be under those circumstances. 

Mellie looked genuinely happy to see her former husband, but that all went to crap when she found out that Liv was the one who killed Andrew. 

Mellie: You mean she sent one of her people?
Fitz: I mean she did it with her bare hands.
Mellie: You should have told me.
Fitz: You should have asked.
Mellie: Wow. Props to Liv.

She had to know this was coming based on the way Olivia has been acting. Mellie and Fitz' chat about what's best for Liv was fantastic. These two know her inside out. 

"Buckle Up" was a solid installment that has set the wheels in motion for what is sure to be a solid conclusion to Scandal Season 5. Once Hollis is gone, who will be the next to go?

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • Is anyone else totally over Cyrus? All he seems to do is scream like a little child when he doesn't get his own way. I'm so happy that Michael left him, but I would have been happier if that USB drive held all of his secrets. Vargas is going to be out for revenge now!
  • The scene with Olivia grabbing the wine bottle before Abby did was so hilarious. Abby was probably nervous that Olivia was going to swing it at her head. 
  • Louise seemed like a horrible governor. I wouldn't want her endorsement. The way she immediately changed her tune about latecomers when the president showed up proved how terrible a person she is. 
  • Could Huck be the one to take out Rowan? Let's face it, it has to happen before the season is over. He's such a chore to watch these days. 
  • That scene with David getting into bed on the floor was hilarious, but Susan needs to realize that he's going to hurt her again and again. He's a bad egg. 

What did you think of the episode? Who do you want to win the election? What's coming next? Hit the comments below!

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Note: Scandal Season 5 Episode 20 airs Thursday May 5 at 10/9C on ABC.

Buckle Up Review

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Scandal Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Mellie: You mean she sent one of her people?
Fitz: I mean she did it with her bare hands.
Mellie: You should have told me.
Fitz: You should have asked.
Mellie: Wow. Props to Liv.

Abby's doing her job. We have a problem.