The Flash Round Table: Why'd Barry Give His Speed to a Serial Killer?

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The biggest development on The Flash Season 2 Episode 18 came when Zoom scooped up Wally West and demanded Barry's speed force in exchange, and Barry complied.

Did the round table think this was the best idea? Find out when TV Fanatics Jay Ruymann, Jim Garner, Allison Nichols, Meg  Bonney and Carissa Pavlica toss their thoughts out for discussion. Share yours in the comments!

The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Iris' talk with Caitlin about her potential future with Barry?

Jay: It honestly felt like it came out of nowhere. I love the Iris and Barry pairing, but it feels forced and rushed. Like Iris just woke up in this episode and was like, “Oh, I love Barry.” Didn’t she go out with her editor in the last episode?

Jim: I agree Jay, it does feel a little all over the map. A few weeks ago she was giving Barry googly eyes, last week she's dating her editor, this week she's back to pining for Barry... bleh!

Allison: I wish we spent more time to really develop Westallen. I feel like we haven't really gotten a chance to explore their spark and chemistry. Iris isn't really examining her feelings for Barry. She's just looking at the fact that they are together in the future and on Earth-2.

Meg: Lame! I love The Flash, but the females can do more than talk about boys. I want to see them kicking butt, not always stressing about men.

Carissa: It's so inorganic. I'd like to see her falling for him because she enjoys spending time with him and notices their relationship changing, not because she heard a rumor they were destiny. That's not the story we want, and I can't believe the writers won't do better than this. I'm disappointed.

The $25 million question. Why did Barry give his speed force to Zoom?

Jay: I think Barry just felt like there was no other option at this point.

Jim: Was there really anything else he could do to save Wally? Honestly, I thought he has some backup plan to stop Zoom along the way.

Allison: Like Jim, I thought there was a back up plan. A trick or something to make Zoom believe that he got what he want. Barry wouldn't be the hero he is if he didn't do whatever it took to save Wally.

Meg: I hate to say it, but yes. I think he did. I am not too excited to see the fallout of that but I think it will make things interesting. Don't hurt my Barry!

Carissa: I have no idea. He was faster and had an entire team and countless weapons at his side, and Wally was free. Zoom was standing right in front of them. While there may be honor among thieves, there isn't among good guys and the murderers they're trying to catch. It's ludicrous.

What could they have done other than giving away Barry's speed force?

Jay: I don’t really know. Zoom has repeatedly shown himself to be better than Barry, faster than Barry, everything. Team Flash is running out of options.

Jim: Short of trying to slip him a different thing to inject himself with, I don't know that they had many options.

Allison: I'm not really sure what they could have done. Barry may be faster but that's not enough to stop Zoom. Team Flash needs to come up with another game plan.

Meg: Kill him? Quit trying to catch him. I know it's more of an Arrow play, but I think it's time to just end the guy.

Carissa: Well, I guess if the round table was my Cat Woman squad, they'd have me give up my cat o nine tails and stealth because they just couldn't figure anything else out. Geez. How about when Hunter let go of Wally they shoot him? Or instead of taking Barry's speed force, they take what was left of Hunter's? ANYTHING was better than what they did, which was tantamount to NOTHING.

How will they rescue Caitlin and defeat Zoom now?

Jay: I feel like Wally might come into his powers shortly. But if I had MY wish, I’d want to see Killer Frost return and help take down Zoom and activate her doppelgänger’s powers (that I hope she has because Earth-1 Caitlin is getting so boring). For being so smart, she’s really dumb. You don’t tell your serial killer/almost lover to think about his feelings for you and then act shocked when he kidnaps you. Have you never seen an episode of Law and Order or Criminal Minds?

Jim: Oh man, Jay, how awesome would it be to see Caitlin come into her powers and have the struggle to use the for good, etc, etc... I'm not sure if Wally will come into his powers anytime soon, do we really need two speedsters on the show?

Allison: I'm really not sure. Now that Barry doesn't have his speed, Team Flash is at a huge disadvantage. Killer Frost returning would be all kinds of awesome.

Meg: I kind of hope he turns her evil somehow. That would be pretty great! I am not sure how they will defeat Zoom but at this point it has to be by killing him.

Carissa: I have no idea, but my guess is it will come down to the finale before she's safe. This has really gone all kinds of wrong. Have I mentioned how disappointed I am in this whole thing?

What else struck you about the episode?

Jay: The whole crossover schedule was so messy. And time travel hurts my brain. Barry was in National City for how long, but then returns to his Earth-2 seconds after he left? Writing that sentence gave me a headache.

Jim: I was surprise there was no mention of Supergirl when he "blipped" out as that is clearly where he was suppose to have gone to her Earth. He started the conversation with "how long was I gone" but then didn't follow it up with "you wouldn't believe who I met"... I'll be glad when we are done with Earth-2, the time traveling and earth hoping is hurting my brain too.

Allison: I was so upset that there wasn't a mention of the Supergirl crossover. Barry would have told Cisco and everyone about Kara, and he definitely would have mentioned that he ran so fast he traveled to another Earth. I would have taken just one line about the crossover, but we got nothing.

Meg: I was bummed that Barry didn't mention Supergirl. That was just strange.

Carissa: Sorry you guys were so disappointed in the missing nod to Supergirl, but the writers always said it was a one-way crossover. They weren't kidding. I was struck by how poorly this whole story was thought out with regard to the audience and the characters. Barry gave his speed force away, you guys. To a serial killer. Just sayin'.

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