The Originals Round Table: Will Lucien Kill Again?

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An original vampire bit the dust!

On The Originals Season 3 Episode 17, we said goodbye to Finn and it paved the way for a very dramatic hour!

Below, TV Fanatics Kelly Thompson, Miranda Wicker and Amanda Steinmetz chat about Lucien's big move, Finn's death and Davina's decision...

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What did you think of Lucien's big move?

Kelly: I'm excited about it. Although, I don't understand how it's possible be became an uber-Original. Isn't doppelganger blood required to make an original and make hybrids..? Did I miss something?

Miranda: I...I am so uncertain about this. I don't hate that Lucien found a way to turn himself into an "upgraded model" of an Original, but this dude is STILL carrying a torch for Aurora and she's definitely in love with Klaus. Giving her the serum will be a total waste and he doesn't even see it coming. 

Amanda: I was thinking the same thing, Kelly. Obviously spell plot holes aside, I really enjoyed this development. Lucien has been a great addition to the show. However, giving Aurora that kind of power will not work out well for him. 

Are you surprised that Finn was taken out so soon?

Kelly: No. Finn was always deemed the first Original to die because he always dies. The biggest problem I have with Finn dying is I wanted one scene with all the Mikaelson children including Rebecca.

Miranda: Nope, not at all. Finn never wanted to live as a vampire so killing him off saves us from weeks and weeks of watching as he wallows in his misery. 

Amanda: No, but it's such a waste to keep bringing his character back only to die so quickly. He's never been the most compelling Original, but I would have loved to see all the Mikaelson siblings together at least once.

Who will Aurora go after first?

Kelly: Has to be Cami right? Aurora thinks Cami stole her man so Cami has to be her number one target. Plus, this will give Cami something to do and Klaus will then kill Aurora, proving to Cami that he does in fact love her.

Miranda: I can see Aurora going after Klaus because he bricked her into a wall and Cami somehow ripping Aurora's heart out to save Klaus proving that she does love him after all. 

Amanda: I'm split on this because it has to be either Klaus or Cami. I'd love to see it go down Miranda's way. Cami being the one to save Klaus from Aurora would be a great character moment for Cami, but it would also bring her back together with Klaus. 

Will Davina really be able to cut Kol loose?

Kelly: I have absolute zero interest in any storyline involving Davina and Kol's relationship.

Miranda: I don't think she'll have to cut him loose. I think she needs to be honest with him about the outbursts she's seeing and why he's experiencing them and they need to formulate a plan. 

Amanda: I doubt Davina would cut him loose, but I think she should be honest with Kol about what the Ancestors have done. Keeping secrets never works out well for anybody on this show. 

How do you think the drama with the ancestors will play out?

Kelly: This plot development I'm very excited about because I have no idea how it will play out. New Orleans witches get their power from ancestral power and now Davina/Vincent are trying to take their power source down. This can't play out well but I don't want to make any guesses. I just want to enjoy the story development.

Miranda: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the New Orleans witches and all the stories surrounding them. I can't imagine what Davina and Vincent will do to take the ancestors' power away, but I can't wait to watch them try. 

Amanda: The Ancestors seem untouchable, so I have no idea how Vincent and Davina are going to take them down. However, I think it's the right move. The living witches shouldn't have to be controlled by long-dead witches. 

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