The Originals Season 3 Episode 17 Review: Behind The Black Horizon

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These ancestors are some fickle witches, and thanks to the happenings of The Originals Season 3 Episode 17 now there's one (or maybe TWO) who put Mikael to shame with their ruthlessness and ability to destroy other vampires.

I'd just like the record to reflect that I TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY CALLED THIS.

Down A Dark Path! - The Originals Season 3 Episode 17

Okay. So it was blatantly obvious after last week's previews for tonight's episode that Lucien would become the Beast foretold in the prophecy. But we know how prophecies go in this world.

Sometimes they're totally made up and planted all over the world for unsuspecting doppelgangers to find and fret about and other times they're legit. 

This one seems like maybe there's another beast on the horizon since Lucien basically said he just made himself fit into the prophecy by becoming the beast. So that's...interesting. I mean, Aurora is legit crazy. So she's probably going to bite Lucien just for the hell of it. 

This "upgrade" model of the Original vampires is going to be fun to watch and then incredibly frustrating and those two things will happen in rapid succession. 

First Lucien and Aurora will terrorize the city of New Orleans with their inability to be killed and also their deadly-even-to-actual-originals werewolf venom bites. Our merry band of sometimes-they're-do-gooders will flail around three steps behind them for the next three or four episodes and then?

Oh, and then.

My money is on Cami literally ripping Aurora's heart out with her bare baby vampire hands, which is what Klaus should've done. And if that happens it cannot happen too quickly. That's what NEEDS to happen.

The writers cannot drag on this beastmode storyline for another half-season. They can find a way to tame Lucien and keep him around, but there are already too many women fighting for Klaus' attention. 

Bummer for those of us who are Klamille fans. but there's virtually no way he's hooking up with Cami now that Aurora is free. This is Cami's ultimate "I told you so" card. 

But really. Why didn't he just kill her when he had the chance? He's such a softie when it comes to women, and for a character we haven't seen engaged in too many intimate relationships, that's an interesting weakness.

The beauty of this beast situation, so far, is that it has brought the Mikaelson siblings together (again) as they rallied around the death of one of their own. We lost Finn tonight, for real and for good, and his body was cremated, so there's no bringing him back.

I think.

It was also great to get some answers as to what's going on with Kol. His increasingly aggressive behavior definitely wasn't in keeping with the character we had previously known, so I'm glad we've gotten some sort of answer as to what's plaguing him. 

Which brings me to maybe the most interesting thing to come out of this episode.

I'm super, super, incredibly interested in watching as Vincent and Davina team up to take out the ancestors, or to free themselves and their fellow witches from ancestral magic. 

These ancestors have been yanking the strings in New Orleans for far too long and it's time that stopped. Why the ancestors thought it was a good idea to create a beast WORSE than an original to get rid of the originals is beyond me. That seems like a really dumb move. 

Seems like death would bring some wisdom to a situation, but apparently not. (Really? 1,000 years of watching and they decided to throw their weight behind LUCIEN?)

While the focus of The Vampire Diaries is the vampires, there's always been room in New Orleans for the story of the witches, and New Orleans is a city steeped in supernatural culture and stories, whether or not one is a believer. 

For The Originals, while our central tale is that of the Mikaelsons, it's a nice reprieve to have the witches and the magical aspect of New Orleans to fall back on.

Serious props to the special effects crew for that spell in the woods and extra double fist bumps to Yusuf Gatewood for the physical acting he does in portraying the Regent of New Orleans.

I'm...dare I say it...spellbound by his performance. Every single week.

What did you think of tonight's episode, featuring an appearance by none other than Mystic Falls' own Matt Donovan? How will the Originals fare now that Lucien and, presumably, Aurora are beasts? Do Davina and Vincent have the chops to pull off an ancestral coup?

Let's chat in the comments below and don't forget you can always watch The Originals online!

Behind The Black Horizon Review

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