The Vampire Diaries Round Table: Are All Couples Doomed?

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Are all couples doomed on this show?

On The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 18, Stefan and Valerie ended their romance for good, while Bonnie and Enzo reunited.

Below,  Fanatics Amanda Steinmetz, Kelly Thompson and Paul Dailly discuss what's in the vault, the end of Stefan and Valerie and whether Stefan is really better.

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How long will it take Bonnie to forgive Damon?

Amanda: There was be a lot of reluctance on her part, but I don't see her dragging out her anger for very long. At least I hope she doesn't!

Kelly: I hope after one epic episode. Bonnie and Damon need to sit in the same room and let all their emotions out and then start be BFFs again.

Paul: I think her grudge will last all the way to the end of the season and he kind of deserves it.

What's in the vault?

Amanda: No clue, and I'm sorry to say I don't really care at this point. It better not be someone's doppelganger.

Kelly: I also have no clue and this came out of nowhere. I don't understand how The Armory had no idea that there was another Bennett witch. For a secret organization that is suppose to know everything about the supernatural, they dropped the ball on this one.

Paul: I also don’t care. The whole armory storyline has been absurd.

How do you feel about Valerie and Stefan ending their relationship?

Amanda: The breakup didn't come as a surprise. Valerie has been a great addition to the show, but I didn't see her relationship with Stefan as being endgame for the series. Despite knowing the breakup was bound to happen, I thought the scene was written beautifully.

Kelly: I hate it. Valerie was a great character and much better suited for Stefan than Caroline. I hope we see more of Valerie because she was one of the most interesting characters this season.

Paul: I also think Valerie is a stellar character and I’m sad to see the relationship end so soon. I don’t want another love triangle.

Is Stefan really out of the woods?

Amanda: It appears so, but you never know on this show. These characters are never not in danger.

Kelly: Who cares? Stefan is not going to die this season so putting his life in jeopardy is a waste of time and plot. 

Paul: I honestly don’t think so. I keep expecting it to turn out that he isn’t Stefan.

How do you think the next few weeks are going to play out for the gang?

Amanda: I predict a big death, but whether or not that death sticks is another story. People tend to not stay dead for very long on The Vampire Diaries. There will definitely be some sort of emotional reunion for Stefan and Caroline.

Kelly: I don't know but I hope it ends with a bang or a great cliffhanger because the last handful of episodes have not been good. Rayna needs to go, Bonnie and Damon need to be friends again and Matt needs to be the death Amanda refers to. If all those things happen, this season would have been worth it.

Paul: I think there’s going to be a lot of goodies for Bonnie and Enzo, but apart from that, tedious drama.

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