Vinyl Season 1 Episode 8 Review: E.A.B.

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It would have probably been a lot easier for American Century Records to sell to Polygram.

Richie could have then opened up a new record company and saved a lot of people a lot more heartache, as that's still coming around on Vinyl Season 1 Episode 8.

Richie and Devon are separated, Richie is letting Zak think he lost the money in Vegas, Richie is arrested for murder, ACR is now under the thumb of Mr.'s a mess.

Recording the Album - Vinyl

There just aren't a whole lot of bright spots in their world, and to make it worse, "E.A.B." didn't feature one of the hooks we've had from the past couple of episodes. Once you have them, darn it, you want them to keep rolling.

How did things go down with Buck Rogers? For some reason I was holding Joe responsible for killing Buck and considering Richie an accessory. Did Joe strike Buck first, and then Richie pummeled him in the face with the ashtray? Either way, they have Richie saying far too much. 

It's like a nightmare. Can you even imagine hearing yourself talking on that tape? My assumption is getting into bed with Maury and Galasso again will be a good thing in the long run because bad guys always know how to get themselves out of those situations. Galasso might be able to buy Richie out and Richie will be in even deeper.

The Nasty Bitz music isn't nearly as good as it was when they were completely raw. The best thing Kip did was ask for Lester's song. Not only does it give Lester an outlet he would never otherwise have, but it sounded great when they worked on it.

While I'm glad that Zak is pushing forward with the Bar Mitzvah kid, I wish he wasn't modeling him after David Bowie. That kid has something wholly his own. Will Zak's attempt to remake him into "Xavier" backfire? 

The best part of this hour, though, was checking in with Devon. Living at the Chelsea (with kids, mind you) is so Devon. The way she worked John and Yoko May Pang was great. I learned on Twitter John was binge drinking, broke up with Yoko and started dating May. Thanks @Marp2057!

Stay and have some champagne! No, because we're only here one night, and we heard you might be able to see some celebrities! As ridiculous as that might sound, it would definitely set the couple at ease and help them enjoy their night. The probably didn't even care when they say their photos later.

Unfortunately, I'm still not invested in all of the characters to the degree I am Richie's. That means when an episode focuses on Clark, for example, it's not that exciting. I'm not sure if it's because the characters haven't been given the proper treatment or if Bobby Canavale and Olivia Wilde are just too charismatic. Perhaps a combination of both.

What say you? Only two to go this season!

E.A.B. Review

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