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Martha was at the center of The Americans Season 4 Episode 6.

At FBI Headquarters, everyone was digging into her past, because Martha took a sick day.

Elizabeth was shocked to learn just how close Philip became to Martha during their "marriage."

But Martha was even more shocked when she realized she might have just given up her life forever.

Gabriel had an important assignment for Philip.

With no more Glanders available, it was time to get something else from William.

Would Philip get from Philip what was necessary or was he too worried about Martha?

Find out how it all played out when you watch The Americans online! Click above to get started.

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The Americans Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Philip: We need another Glanders sample. You've done it once. You can do it again.
William: Yeah, like I really want to do THAT again.

Stan: Do you find Martha attractive?
Aderholt: There's something sexy about her.