Bates Motel Round Table: Norman has an Ax to Grind

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The tension continued to rise onĀ Bates Motel Season 4 Episode 8, as Norman could barely hold back his anger against Alex Romero for having a relationship with his mother.

The round table is ready to tackle that issue and many others! Join the discussion. TV Fanatics Lisa Babick, Stacy Glanzman, Yana Grebenyuk and Carissa Pavlica get it started for you below!

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What's the status of Norma and Norman's relationship right now?

Lisa: It's pretty messed up, and it seems like it's starting to slide back to old times. But, Norma standing up to Norman regarding Romero was a step in the right direction.

Stacy: Norman is acting like a clingy toddler. It's refreshing for once to see Norma actually stand up to him and not back down. She needs to hold onto that and not give in.

Yana: I never liked Norman and now that he is back, I sit around feeling bad for Norma. He is like a dark shadow preventing Norma from seeing any happiness because he demands all attention on him. Norma losing it at the dinner table came out of nowhere, and I couldn't be happier.

Carissa: It's certainly changed from where it once was. Norman is trying to reestablish that he's still the man of the house, and (uncomfortably) stillĀ her man in a way, but she's not accepting it as gracefully as he would like, if at all. The tension is gloriously horrific to watch as it unfolds!

Norman angrily wielding an ax in Romero's direction. React!

Lisa: OMG! I can't believe Romero is still alive. I thought for sure that ax was going to land in Romero's neck. But, I liked that Norman showed at least some sort of control with his anger.

Stacy: That was an intense scene, but I didn't expect him to hurt Romero. Not yet at least.

Yana: For a second I actually thought he would kill Romero. If this isn't a sign that his life is in serious danger this season, then I don't know what is.

Carissa: Yikes! I was screaming RUN ROMERO, RUN ROMERO, RUN ROMERO over and over again in my head. The tension was so thick!! The fear on Romero's beautiful face was so upsetting. I was half expecting Norman to whack a whole right through to the kitchen, exposing Norman's horrified face. HA!!

Romero knows, without a doubt, Norman is violent. What's his next step?

Lisa: He's moving back in with Norma, but I think it's going to make matters worse. Where's he going to sleep? In Norma's bed with Norman in between? His best bet would be to somehow convince Norma to have Norman readmitted, but I doubt that's even a possibility now.

Stacy: He needs to make Norma see that Norman is capable of violence. She has been living in this world of denial, but she can't deny it forever.

Yana: Romero is moving in with them, but how will that fix anything? The answer isn't to aggravate Norman more, they need to separate themselves from him. Norman will blow up any day now, so the best course of action is finding a way to get him help away from their home.

Carissa: Whatever his next step is, it will be the wrong step, because he's not working with a full deck of knowledge. Romero will try to get Norma to see reason, but she already knows how violent Norman is. It's not a matter of seeing it, it's processing and admitting it, which she may never be willing to do as a mother.

Who do you expect to die before Bates Motel Season 4 ends, and how?

Lisa: My bet is Romero. With an ax. Though, there is always the possibility of Emma having complications from her surgery.

Stacy: Romero seems the most likely, as much as I don't want it to happen. I don't know how, but I'm sure it will be insane and gruesome. I suspect Norman will go off his meds since they are making him sick and that will result in another murderous black out.

Yana: I fear for Norma more and more. They are making it really obvious that Romero is in the way in Norman's mind, so why not just get rid of the middleman? But Romero is a close second on the list of possible victims.

Carissa: Dylan and Emma moving to Seattle worries me because their move could take them off the radar. Nobody would be shocked if they disappeared. Dylan is at the most risk, I think, because of his digging. Norma and Romero could go anytime. I'm just steeling myself for the worst at this point.

How will Dylan's potential move to Seattle and/or Rebecca's arrest play into the latest course of events?

Lisa: I get the feeling Dylan's move is going to be postponed, because things are going to get worse in the Bates' household. I don't think he's going to be able to escape. Rebecca is going to cooperate with the Feds, but Romero may be long gone before the cops get hold of him.

Stacy: I agree with Lisa that something is going to keep Dylan from moving right away. He really should go, even he said himself his family is too crazy for him. But, I think he'll come across some new evidence and want to pursue it.

Yana: I agree that right now things are too happy for Dylan so clearly something will mess all of that up for him. Seattle is brought up like this light at the end of a tunnel, which means it will be that much harder for Dylan to actually reach it and Emma might be right there with him. You can't escape this horror show as easily as they might think.

Overall thoughts of the episode, favorite moment, anything you'd like to share?

Lisa: This episode was intense. Norman's behavior was quite disturbing, and I'm surprised (maybe disappointed) that Norma didn't call up Dr. Edwards and explain the situation. He really must've been faking it in the facility, because, if anything, he's worse than before he went in.

Stacy: As crazy as Norman was behaving, the meds must be working, because he didn't have any black outs and didn't disassociate. If it weren't for the meds, I think his intense rage would have caused him to disassociate and kill Romero with that ax, but he managed to stay himself and control his anger.

Yana: I loved Dylan/Emma this week. They are happy and things are getting good for them which obviously means a dark twisted end for their story. Which leaves me basking in the happiness before the inevitable doom.

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