Bates Motel Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Norman

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This was really hard to watch.

Despite knowing what the future held for Norma, seeing it come alive on Bates Motel Season 4 Episode 10 wasn't nearly as entertaining as I had hoped it would be. Norma will never be at peace. We knew that, but it stinks.

Somehow, most of the thoughts of kindness and commiseration once felt for Norman disappeared over Bates Motel Season 4, leaving behind overwhelming feelings of the same for Norma. Her death when happiness could have been within her reach hurts.

What, exactly, came over Norman so that he forgot what he did with the furnace? Was it carbon monoxide poisoning or mental illness?

Either way, he appeared to be sincere in his inability to remember that he was the reason Mother left him alone. The best example of that was at the funeral, that poor, lonely funeral, when yelled at God that he could have told him what the hell was going on and let him in on the plan, if God had one.

It was Norman's plan, not God's, that got him into this particular mess. 

From my perspective, things were coming to easily to Norman after he murdered his mother.

I wanted to reach in and wipe the smug look off of his face as he verbally attacked Alex at the hospital, and when he conveniently didn't tell Dylan about Norma's death. 

Norman: Mother said you were gone.
Dylan: Yeah, well, I'm gone to her. Well, for now anyway. I can't do it anymore. I doubt she'll ever reach out to me.
Norman: Probably not for a while.

Somehow, the little mental case even managed to get Chick onto his side. Chick, who had a grudging respect for Norma, allowed Norman to keep his dead mother in the living room, as long as he realized she was dead. 

It all seemed so unfair. Why did Dylan have to be in the dark and Alex have to lose a woman for whom he'd carried a torch for years, but Norman got to be with Mother and live happily ever after?

When the feds arrested Alex, taking away even the thorn in Norman's side, it was the last straw. It was my ultimate frustration point.

Norman ended the hour wanting to commit suicide, but instead celebrating a beautiful Christmas with his dead mother and his dead dog. Juno was even back!

Why did the mental patient get all the nice things?!

Whoa, Carissa. Step back. Who needs a trip to Pineview here?

Where was Dr. Edwards, anyway? If my mental patient's mother died under suspicious circumstances, I'd be concerned. If I were Alex, I would have called Edwards immediately. Alex should have called Dylan, as well.

There was a lot not going on for which Norman wasn't responsible. He was responsible for that hideous blue dress he thought about sending his mother into eternity wearing, and he did glue her eyeballs open with taxidermy glue (I assume...that glue was amazing).

But, after I had my trip down crazy town lane, I realized the reason I was so frustrated and upset was because of how brilliantly the story of Norma Bates was written, especially this season. She had come so far and become so strong, so to see her almost achieve her dreams and see them stomped on like Norman did to that big ass TV was enough to do my head in.

You hear so much about codependent relationships, but to see one to the degree of Norma and Norman's play out before you, with the inclusion of murder, mental illness and the ultimate denial of all of it is something altogether different.

If not for everything this amazing cast and the writers have done to bring these characters to life, I wouldn't be so involved, so frustrated and so utterly heartbroken at the turn of events I have known was coming since the title was announced.

There was no surprise in the story, it was all in how it was delivered, and for that I am incredibly thankful. There is so much programming on television, and we could have watched hundreds of hours instead of this one during the spring. How lucky were we to see this incredible tale unfold over the past four years?

We have one more season to go. The Norma Bates we knew is gone, and in her place will be a character we've met in passing, through the mind of her troubled son. There is little doubt the woman will be as fascinating as ever because of Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, Kerry Ehrin and Carlton Cuse. 

Bring. It. On.

If you've missed any of this incredible season or the series (what HAVE you been doing?) watch Bates Motel online online here at TV Fanatic.

Norman Review

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Bates Motel Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Norman: What are you gonna do, kill me in the hallway?
Alex: No, I'm gonna prove you did it, you piece of shit.

Police: How long were you married to Norma Bates?
Alex: Two weeks.
Police: I'm very sorry.