Chicago PD Round Table: Is Roman Really Leaving?

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A poor girl is left as the only survivor after her family is brutally murdered on Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 22, and Lindsay takes a special interest in the case. 

Below, TV Fanatics Elizabeth Harlow and Stacy Glanzman are joined by super fan Amy Perrin to discuss a potential Linstead move in, Roman's offer, which character got the shaft this season.

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Chicago PD 1-27-15

Is Roman really leaving? Will Burgess consider his offer?

Elizabeth: I'm not sure if I'm that lucky, but I'm crossing my fingers and knocking on wood and sitting under a tree waiting for a bird to poop on me. Burgess isn't an idiot or some lovesick damsel, so she'll stick around. She has a sense of self.

Amy: Unless the actor, Brian Geraghty, is leaving the show I doubt he will really leave, even though I would prefer it if he did. I doubt Burgess will go, considering how new they are, and Roman didn't exactly make it enticing. "I love you, maybe." You either love her or you don't, Roman. Burgess would be an idiot to go.

Stacy: Shows write characters out all the time, so it's not unfathomable to think that Roman could really leave. Unless they come up with some "miracle" surgery to cure him, he's not going to be satisfied with a desk job. I think Burgess will seriously consider going with him, but will ultimately turn it down.

Halstead is looking at new apartments. Could he and Lindsay be moving in together?

Elizabeth: If she gets her head out of her ass and picks up what he's laying down they might. They already had the discussion about interior design styles, and it would save on rent.

Amy: I agree with Elizabeth that this appears to be what Halstead is hinting at. They are a cute couple, and I would enjoy seeing them live together.

Stacy: Yeah, Halstead sure is hinting pretty hard. He needs to just go ahead and officially ask her. There's a pretty good chance she says yes.

What do you think will happen in the finale? How far will Voight go after his son is assaulted?

Elizabeth: Based on his history, Either Justin got involved with some shady people again or something from his past came back to bite him in the ass. Voight doesn't have any self control when it comes to his family, so I'd say there are no limits to what he'll do.

Amy: Voight is a badass, one of the many things I love about him, so I have no doubt that he will do whatever it takes to protect Justin. Hopefully Justin hasn't landed himself into too much hot water.

Stacy: I don't know what Justin is involved in, or why he kept his return to town under wraps, but I'm hoping he has actually reformed. Regardless of why he was assaulted, Voight is going to be out for blood. No one messes with his family.

Which character do you wish we could have spent more time on this season?

Elizabeth: I wish we could have actually wrapped up Olinsky's storyline with his new found daughter. That whole arc just kind of evaporated. I also would have liked more time with Antonio, who always seems to get shafted story wise.

Amy: I agree with Elizabeth that it would have been nice if they had wrapped up Olinsky's storyline with his daughter. I adore Trudy, so there is never enough of her.

Stacy: We're all agreed that it is pretty annoying that Olinsky's story line was never resolved. Last we saw he and Michelle were moving in with Ruzek, and then...nothing.

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Elizabeth: The Portillos bag was my favorite. Now I'm hungry, and the closest one is about 700 miles away from me.

Amy: I liked the scene at the end with Polly and Lindsay. She really knows how to connect with people, and she formed a nice bond with Polly.

Stacy: I really enjoyed the interactions between Lindsay and Dr. Charles at the hospital. There's an interesting dynamic between them.

Stacy Glanzman was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in March, 2019.

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Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

Halstead: There's no safe anywhere in the house, so if this was a robbery, it went way wrong.
Olinsky: In cases like this it's never who, it's always why.

Lindsay: A, Platt basically made this mandatory. B, we're getting overtime. It's like a dollar a minute.
Halstead: Time I'd rather spend in that walk-in shower with the dual steam heads in the apartment I looked at.