Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 23 Review: Start Digging

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Wow, that was one intense hour of television.

Voight has never been one to go by the book, but we have never seen him go this far before. 

No amount of pleading from Lindsay was going to stop him from pulling that trigger on Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 23

Voight's Son - Chicago PD

He even raised the stakes on his torture methods. We've seen them take some liberties when questioning suspects, but even I have to admit I shuddered when Voight slammed that guy's head into the hot stove. That was just plain hard to watch. 

I'm glad we at least got confirmation that Voight had the right guy. It doesn't make what he did right, but it would have been harder to swallow as a viewer if they had left open the possibility that he didn't do it. 

No one but Lindsay actually knows how it all went down. The rest of the team will suspect, sure, but her decision to leave is going to stay with her for awhile. 

She may have been better off staying away, living in a world of denial with the rest of the team, but she knew she had to try. She knew the odds were stacked against her, and the chances of getting through to Voight were slim to none, but she wouldn't have been able to live with herself if she didn't at least try. 

Will she be able to live with her decision to leave? That remains to be seen. 

Let me be clear. I don't need condolences, I need commitment, from each of you. I'm going to do whatever it takes to find who did this. Anybody not comfortable with that should take the next couple of days off.


How will Voight come back from this? While I assume Crowley will never know the extent of how things went down, he's still going to be punished for disobeying a direct order. 

It's certainly not the first time, and it's actually kind of funny they offered him a promotion in order to get him off the streets. Their solution to a rogue sergeant? Promote him and put him behind a desk. Yeah, that worked out really well. 

I think it is safe to say that offer is off the table now. What will happen to him next season? Will he lose Intelligence? Face charges? 

Dawson: What would you do? I mean if it was your own son who was left to die slowly in the trunk of a car, would you step aside?
Crowley: If I was ordered to, yes.

Dawson initially shot down any interest in taking over the unit, but it looked like Crowley got into his head a little. If Voight can't run it, someone has to, and Dawson is better than bringing in an outsider. 

My guess is the season will start off with Dawson in charge, but somewhere along the way Voight will get his job back. The show wouldn't be the same without him leading Intelligence. 

Voight was his usual stoic self for the most part, but he did let the emotions fly a couple of times. The scene between him and Olinsky was touching. 

Lindsay, on the other hand, was an emotional wreck, and I loved her scene with Burgess. I actually just really loved watching the two of them grow close over the course of the season. 

I did not appreciate Voight yelling at Lindsay at the hospital considering she was suffering too, but he wasn't in a normal state of mind. 

I found it odd that she didn't go to the hospital to say goodbye to Justin before they took him off life support. He's basically her brother; she should have been there. It was like she wasn't even in the room when Sharon was breaking it all down for Voight. 

Between losing Nadia and Justin, and now also having the decision to leave Voight weighing on her, she's going to have a lot on her mind. Lindsay's not exactly the epitome of a moral compass either, but this is definitely something that could come between them and strain their relationship. 

It will be interesting to see how the two of them move forward. 

Well, it looks like Roman is really leaving, guys. 

Burgess is staying, as we all knew she would. Will she get a new partner next season, or get bumped up to Intelligence? If Voight is sidelined and Dawson takes over, there would be a spot open for her, at least temporarily. 

If that happens they might need to bring in new beat cops to, you know, give Platt something to do. We gotta get our weekly dose of Platt!

So, what are your thoughts on that intense finale? 

The season may be over, but you can still watch Chicago PD online all summer long! 

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Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 23 Quotes

Lindsay: Hey, Roger SImpson, Melissa's father is downstairs.
Voight: Al?
Olinsky: We should start drawing straws.

This meeting's like a coin flip. Am I getting a department commendation or the firing squad?