Code Black, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Odd Couple Renewed at CBS

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Good news for those of you who fell in love with a couple of CBS's freshman dramas this season.

Code Black and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders have been renewed!

The Odd Couple will also be back for a third season, because it keeps defying the odds and doing better in the ratings than most expected.

Undercover Boss will also return for an eighth season. By now, you'd think the jig would be up, right? Don't these people watch TV?

Losing Jesse - Code Black

Conspicuously missing from this list, again, are Limitless and Rush Hour.

I think it's a given you can count Rush Hour as canceled, but there is the ever so slightest possibility of a Limitless renewal right up until its official cancelation.

As weird as it sounds, there's something to say about a show that's helped changed the language of the day, and even people who don't watch want to take that gooey little NZT pill.

If it's not staying at CBS, it might just land somewhere else. Keep the hope alive.

Although I do not think this is anything like a Friends reunion AT ALL, everyone else is going to say it first. 

CBS is staging a mini Friends reunion by running two comedies featuring Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc. LeBlanc's new comedy is Man with a Plan.

I don't imagine there will be crossovers, so the mini reunion stuff might come by way of commercials touting their shared network. Better than nothing?

While we didn't officially cover Criminally Minds: Beyond Borders, TV Fanatic readers were really touched by Code Black.

It seemed the stories were different than anything else found on other medical series.

The characters, too, weren't one dimensional and could be faulty as well as heroic.

They also delivered some of the best quotes for our Quotes of the Week slideshow each week.

It's one I was hoping to catch up with during the summer months based solely on reading our Code Black reviews here each week and those enertaining quotes.

What do you think of these latest renewals?

Are you still holding out hope for Limitless?

Two big thumbs up for the renewal of Code Black?

If you want to catch up on it over the summer, you can watch Code Black online right here at TV Fanatic.

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Code Black Quotes

Life Lesson. When asked if you want to examine your patient some more, it's like being asked if you want a breath mint. The answer is always yes.

Jesse Salandar

We're not their friend, their family, or their shrink. We're their doctor. He gets confused.

Dr. Leanne Rorish