Containment Season 1 Episode 6 Review: He Stilled the Rising Tumult

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He loves her! He really loves her! Toward the end of Containment Season 1 Episode 6, Jake professed his love for Lex.

As anyone who is a fan of dystopian fiction can tell you, this profession is probably going to end in heartbreak and devastation. Will Julie Plec really kill Chris Wood again?

The Thomas Family - Containment

Okay, so devastation is sort of the name of this game. In a situation where a disease this deadly is spreading at an almost unchecked rate, someone we're growing to care about is bound to wind up behind one of those isolation windows. 

The question is who will it be and how long will it take for said character to get there. 

I mean, it would be unreasonable to think that none of our major players inside the cordon would get sick, wouldn't it? And since Jake is the one most frequently outside the hospital walls, I'm scared it's going to be him. 

Plus he's just decided he's found someone to love and he's shared that information with his best friend so now OF COURSE something will happen to screw that up for him because no one on television is allowed to be happy. 

I kept waiting for a moment after that scene in the sluice where Jake would run to the hospital and share this revelation of love with Katie, but after seeing the episode's final scene, I'm really hoping he's on the way to Bitscan to give the data file to Jana. They're in need of a cop there.

Mees, the Chief's mole inside the cordon, struck up a deal with the grocery store gang, using his phone as leverage. Teresa's mother, who, up until that moment I really sort of disliked a lot, stole the phone and smuggled it out of the grocery store with her daughter and Xander. 

And then one of the gang members found out what she'd one, probably threatened to kill her, and she spilled their location and showed up on Jana's doorstep. 

So Jake really needs to be on his way there ASAP because that gang needs to go, not just because they stole food and are reselling it at exorbitant prices in the middle of a crisis, but because they bring nothing new to the story except to show the lengths to which humanity will go to screw one another over in the middle of the apocalypse.

We have The Walking Dead to show us that.

Teresa and Xander are safe-ish. That's good enough. Despite the fact that she's pregnant and due to give birth in the middle of a deadly viral outbreak, I find their story is the one about which I care the least. 

What really gripped me tonight, inside the cordon at least, was Thomas. 

Thomas was the boy whose father showed up to the hospital and retrieved his son at gunpoint. Jake forced Katie to let the boy go. Now we know that the father died and the boy's sister is dying too.

Thomas, however, remains well. Completely healthy, in fact, despite being around many infected people. Jake believes he might be the key to Cannerts' cure, but both inside and outside the cordon, people are starting to wonder why a cure is necessary at all. 

I mean, obviously a cure is necessary because people are dying. But there's a whole lot of misinformation being spread and Jake, Katie, Lex, and Leo are on the case, separately and together.

While Jake and Katie continue to ask questions on the inside, Leo and Lex are digging for information on the outside, and if Leo is doing anything positive, it's encouraging Lex to start fighting. For the truth and for the woman he loves.

I am tired of meeting people who are willing to fight harder than I am.

Lex [to Leo]

Lex willingly uses a forged warrant to get into the police data center to make a copy of the hospital surveillance footage from the morning before the supposed Patient Zero arrived at the hospital. They're all hoping to prove that Dr. Sanders boyfriend, a man they cannot identify because all traces of him have been erased, was the real patient zero.

And if he was, why is it being covered up, and blamed on a Middle Eastern man, no less?

Personal theory alert: this is all a government conspiracy. They're making people sick on purpose to test this virus and find a cure. That's why Cannerts was strategically placed inside the hospital before the outbreak occurred instead of inside the CDC where he ordinarily worked. 

Zone 2 was the easiest Zone to block off which is why the virus was placed there. Lommers is in on the whole thing, obviously, and so is the Chief of Police. 

On second thought, maybe the Chief of Police isn't in on the epidemic, but he does have ties to the grocery store gang (The Old Fourth Lords) and that's why Mees was sent to infiltrate them. Perhaps one of them is his son. Or maybe he's just really crooked and really dirty and needs to make sure they're going to continue feeding him money in exchange for his protection. 

What a crooked old man. I can't wait until he's exposed and I hope Lex takes his job. That was some real police work he did with the man in the building and wow. What a heart.

Random thoughts:

  • Sam, the maintenance guy at the Bitscan office, is an odd bird. Too many questions. Too much information. I don't trust him.
  • The biker gang is getting on my nerves, partly because they seem to have found ATVs not registered to police or public works departments inside the city and that's weird, but also because allllllll they can think to do in this situation is make a lot of noise. 
  • Katie broke my heart when she hugged Quentin and then told Jake if her son was sick she'd rather be sick too. I feel you, Mama. I feel you.

What did you think of "He Stilled the Rising Tumult"? Were you surprised the baseball game continued just outside the cordon? Do you think the government is behind the viral outbreak? Let's talk and don't forget you can watch Containment online!

He Stilled the Rising Tumult Review

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This could be the biggest story of your life, Leo. So you can stay on that couch, or you can take your head out your ass, honor your friends, and maybe get a Pulitzer. It’s your choice.


I am tired of meeting people who are willing to fight harder than I am.

Lex [to Leo]