Days of Our Lives Round Table: Which Love Triange Do You Hate?

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Aiden tried to get back in Hope’s good graces, Claire told her parents she was moving out, while Nicole and Kate fought for Deimos' attention last week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Kathy from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate how they feel about Aiden, who was the most annoying teen in Salem, and their least favorite love triangle on Days of Our Lives. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Do you feel empathy for Aiden?

Jack: Absolutely! While he's making some big mistakes, the guy's life was pretty much ruined by Andre and he's having major PTSD, not to mention he can't wrap his mind around how everything's been turned upside down in the six months he was gone. There are people in Salem who have done far worse than him and get a second chance way more easily than him, too. It's easy to understand his heartbreak even if I wish he would give Hope some space.

Kathy: I feel some empathy for Aiden. He made a bad choice by teaming with the Dimeras but they threatened Chase. I think his priority was to protect his son.

Christine: Yes and no. He took money from the Dimeras to seduce Hope. I just can’t get past that or why Hope would possibly give him a second chance after that. I’m okay with him moving on in Salem, just not with Hope. 

Who won the most annoying teen award this week?

Jack: Claire. Claire. 1000x Claire. What a spoiled, entitled brat! She thinks her parents have no right to punish her for VANDALIZING A CAR and that their refusal to give her an expensive graduation present is a reason to move out? I realize she's a teenager but she just comes off as entitled and obnoxious, and honestly her mother isn't much different lately.

Kathy: Claire won hands down. It doesn't seem to have entered her head that vandalizing the car was wrong. She seems very immature for 18.

Christine: It’s unanimous. Claire is an entitled, selfish, annoying brat. She shows absolutely no remorse for her poor decisions and is more than willing to play her parents off one another. I hope they let her move out and cut off her finances because I can’t imagine that singing on youtube will really pay that many bills. 

Nicole and Deimos - Days of Our Lives

Which is your least favorite love triangle: Nicole/Deimos/Kate, Shawn/Belle/Philip, Rafe/Hope/Aiden?

Jack: It's a tie between the yawnworthy Shawn/Belle/Philip and the stupid Nicole/Deimos/Kate. I prefer Hope with Aiden by far but I'm so thrilled that Aiden is back and that Rafe is talking to his family about the situation that I'm glad these characters are on my screen.

Kathy: My least favorite triangle is Shawn/Belle/Philip because they are the least interesting.

Christine: Ugh. Nicole/Deimos/Kate is such nonsense it makes me want to fast forward. Then there's Shawn/Belle/Philip which has made all three characters unlikable. Although I’m not happy with Aiden going after Hope, I too love that Rafe is having real conversations with his family about it so that’s become my favorite triangle. 

Was Theresa wrong to send the information about Summer to Victor and John?

Jack: No, because she has legitimate concerns. I still think she was wrong to try to tattle on Brady to John a few weeks ago, but this is totally different.

Kathy: Maybe not wrong but I am not sure how much good it will do. I am surprised Victor didn't already have this information.

Christine: I’m surprised Victor didn’t have that info on Summer already too but then again, he’s had a lot to deal with lately. I don’t blame Theresa for sending it to Victor. He should have the info in order to protect Maggie from this grifter. 

What, if anything, disappointed your this week in Salem?

Jack: The end of the virus non-story. JJ wanting to sacrifice himself for Gabi was great but it was nothing since he was getting the meds in 3 hours and anyway nobody really seemed ill. Also I could have done without the Nicole/Deimos/Kate "let's see who Deimos marries" subplot.

Kathy: I am disappointed that Nicole is using herself as bait to help Victor and Maggie. There has to be another way.

Christine: Ciara fantasizing about Chad made me ill. And I agree about Nicole being willing to sleep with Deimos as part of the plan. Why is the only way a smart woman like Nicole can help is by having sex with a man? 

Rafe and Eduardo - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from the week?

Jack: A lot of good stuff. JJ/Gabi always tops my list even if they are saddled with a dumb story. I also really liked a lot of the family conversations -- Rafe and Adriana was my favorite. And of course I LOVED Victor and Justin and Victor and Maggie's conversations.

Kathy: Maggie's scenes with Victor and Nicole were my favorites. I also liked Justin's scenes with Victor. 

Christine: I loved Rafe confiding in Eduardo about Hope. It was an emotionally honest, smart conversation. How often do we get to see that? I also loved Maggie to Victor, “We may be down but we’re not out.” They are my favorite couple in Salem. 

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