Faking It: MTV Series to End After Season 3 Finale

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Faking It won't continue past Season 3, and the finale is right around the corner.

We've been hearing a lot about non-linear broadcasting saving the day of the little shows.

Well, that's not saving Faking It, according to an article in The Hollywood Reporter in which Faking It's Carter Covington blames the cancelation on low traditional ratings. 

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The fate of Faking It is wrapped up in MTV's future.

They're making the push for more music programming (imagine that), and reevaluating their scripted fare.

Even so, they recently added three new comedies to their upcoming lineup and are mulling over the extension of the already canceled Awkward, which is currently paired with Faking It.

Faking It has pushed the envelope and made some groundbreaking television.

Originally a series about two friends who become popular when they're mistaken for a lesbian couple and fake it to make it, Faking It covered many different LGBT issues, including what it's like to be born Intersex and the struggle of one of the main characters for her sexual identity.

Covington shared with THR how he prepared for the finale in the event they didn't get a pickup.

I definitely had it in the back of my mind. My last series, 10 Things I Hate About You ended on some pretty dramatic cliffhangers and I felt like that wasn't fair to do to fans if I felt like the show may not come back.

We worked hard to create a finale where even though we do end on cliffhangers, they're happy cliffhangers.

It's New Year's Eve and there are new relationships and everybody is kissing someone at midnight.

That felt like a good launching place for a new season, should we get it, and also a happy place to leave fans if this was going to be the end.

He also noted what he would like the Legacy of Faking It to be.

My hope is that Faking It will be the first show that started what I call the post-gay era on television.

We always tried to approach the storytelling as coming from a place beyond coming out stories and really exploring the lives of all of our characters, regardless of their sexuality.

My hope is that other shows will pick up from this move the ball forward.

Audiences are ready for shows that don't focus on characters' differences and sexuality and speak more to our common characteristics as human beings.

Will you miss Faking It? Do you want to see Awkward renewed beyond its current cancelation? Share your thoughts.

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