Gotham Season 2 Episode 22 Review: Transference

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Seriously, Gotham, what a disappointment.

I'm not sure exactly what I expected from Gotham Season 2 Episode 22, but it certainly wasn't this. While there were definitely some stand out moments, the majority of the season finale left much to be desired.

Obviously, wearing the captain's hat must have squeezed the common sense out of Bullock's brains, because for a guy as street smart as he is, it didn't make any sense for him not to be suspicious of this new and weirded-out Jim Gordon, who quite honestly, got pretty annoying pretty quickly.

There were many times where it seemed he was right on the tip of finding that common sense light bulb, but he was never able to grab onto it. Granted the first couple of minutes with weird Jim Gordon were fun, but by the end of the hour, it got to be too much.

Bullock is not that stupid. And neither is Alfred. So, it's insulting to think the writers would think we would be okay with something so completely out of character for two of the smartest guys on the show.

I'm willing to go along with all the goofiness this show offers week after week. It's one of the things I really enjoy about Gotham, and what makes it so fun, but making Barbara the one who realizes Jim is not really Jim was unforgivable. What the hell was the point of that?

Somehow, I get the feeling that there was some type of "give the women the power" thing going on here based on some other things that happened this hour, but it felt forced and unnatural. Why now? And why include Barbara?

I don't even get how she ended up with Penguin in the first place. All of it was out of place.

I would rather have seen Tabitha help the boys find their brains. What happened to her, anyway?

Staying on the theme of the women of Gotham, I have to admit that I was originally excited about the idea of Fish's return. I never had a big problem with her, and the idea of her with special powers was sort of exciting. But now, I regret even having those thoughts because I absolutely hated how she took control of Indian Hill.

One of the best parts of the hour was the initial contact between Peabody and Fish. I loved how Peabody shot down Fish during the whole ridiculous "Your Momma is Number 13" exchange.

I knew it wasn't going to be good if Fish got her claws on Peabody, and I enjoyed the tension of the idea of that actually happening, but when it did happen, it was disappointing. Not because it wasn't expected, but because of how easy it was. Things should not be this easy for Fish Mooney. 

But the worst of all the Fish Mooney of this hour was her interaction with Penguin. Penguin's been through hell and back this season and this how Gotham ends it for him? By having him pass out at the sight of Fish? I understand his shock, but that was the lamest thing ever.

And Butch's only reaction was to slink away with his buddies? Ugh. 

What happened to the badass team that took out Galavan?  I wasn't expecting Fish Mooney to last to next season. I really thought the dynamic duo would take her down. And if not, I thought maybe there would be some other untimely demise that would take her out..


I also hated how pathetic Strange became at the end. I'm telling you, it felt like this was an hour of character assassinations.

He was so in control when questioning Gordon and absolving him of his guilt that it made no sense for him to become a big cry baby after all his plans went awry. The guy is a mastermind, and this is how he ends up? I get that he's a victim of his monster making, but still, did his brain just stop working?

I hope he just doesn't disappear into the ethers of Gotham like Barnes and Tabitha. He needs to pay for messing with Mooney's DNA and making everybody's lives miserable.

And he needs to pay for messing with Jim. I'm just floored with the idea that he is going to leave Gotham to find Lee. He used every excuse in the book to not do what was right, and all he needed was someone to wave away his guilt with a magic truth serum wand?

Whatever. Goodbye, Jim. I hope Lee rips off your balls for doing what you did to her. And if she doesn't, I hope Bullock does for abandoning him when he has no clue what he's going be facing.

So does this mean that we can expect Bruce to be the city's savior next season? After all he was pretty intent on letting Alfred know about the Court of Owls.

Was I the only one who thought that scene was completely odd? Did they all really think it was over? Alfred certainly acted like he did.

For all its ridiculousness, there were some moments I really enjoyed this hour.

The fight scene between Mr. Freeze and Firefly was pretty cool. Even though I thought the whole Firefly taking on Selina as an assistant thing was goofy, I liked how she was willing to fight to protect her friend.

It made me wonder if the real Bridgit was still alive underneath all of Strange's experiments.

I also really liked the whole bomb thing. It was fun because it was so over-the-top silly and was made even better by Lucius' facial expressions when he saw exactly what they were facing. I still don't get what Lucius was thinking when he agreed to accompany Bruce on this trip, but I'm glad he was there. 

No one other than Lucius would shake a man's hand before being gassed to death.

And while I really wasn't too thrilled with the idea of the little old lady letting the monsters out of the bus, I did get a little excited (okay, maybe a lot) when I heard Jerome's laugh. That was Jerome's laugh, right?

Please let him come back, Gotham, please. I'll forgive you for the Fish Mooney debacle if you do.

What did you think of the season finale? Did it meet your expectations? Which villain are you excited to see next season? Share your thoughts in the comments below. If you missed all the action, you can watch Gotham online and catch up, right here via TV Fanatic!

Transference Review

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