Nashville Ends on Confusing Cliffhanger; Might It Return?!?

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Viewers who tuned in for Nashville Season 4 Episode 21 hoped the series would go out on a high note.

Just a few weeks ago, after all, ABC announced that it would not be bringing the show back for a fifth season.

Instead of feeling good (or bad) about the drama's conclusion, however, most fans left confused.


That's what happens when (SPOILER ALERT!!!!), the supposed series finale ends with the fate of a main character up in the air.

Indeed, Nashville ended its run this week with Juliette possibly involved in a fatal plane crash.

What? Huh? How dare they?!?

According to TV Line and other sources, Lionsgate TV convinced producers NOT to air the ending they had originally filmed, which included Juliette touching down safely and ending up in an emotional embrace with Avery.


Because the company thinks this cliffhanger will make it more likely that Nashville gets picked up for Season 5.

Tweeted the production company soon after the finale aired:

#Nashies What a cliffhanger! But we won’t leave you hanging. There's more story to be told. #BringBackNashville.

For most of the day, #BringBackNashville has been trending on social media.

ABC cancelled Nashville on May 12.

Ever since then, Lionsgate has said it has been having “numerous talks with interested networks” and has urged fans to include #BringBackNashville with their tweets.

That's fine and all. But it's playing with viewer emotion to end a series in such confusing fashion when you can't say for sure that it will be coming back.

In a conference call Thursday morning with analysts, Lionsgate Television Chairman Kevin Beggs elaborated on the future of the drama.

“The fans and everyone else is clamoring for more seasons… we kind of go one season at a time with our thinking, so our near term plan is getting another season,” he said.

Beggs added that Lionsgate has approximately four to five potential outlets looking to pick up Nashville ... and that “most are in-bound inquiries coming to us” to continue the series:

“We have long term deals with the cast. These kinds of shows can go on forever and ever. That’s our hope and expectation, but we gotta do it one season at a time.

"We hope to land season 5 and keep talking about the show to come.”

What an odd scenario.

We'll keep readers updated as more news breaks concerning the future of Nashville.

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