Quantico Round Table: Thinking of the Future

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On Quantico Season 1 Episode 22, after realizing Miranda's not the terrorist, Alex and the team race to find Liam and the missing bomb.

All things considered, things turn out okay. Liam's dead. The bomb didn't go off and kill hundreds, if not thousands, of people. The downsides are that Simon died, and no one aside from Alex and Caleb caught onto Claire's connection to Liam and the terrorist plots.

Below, TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Kelly Thompson, and Allison Nichols discuss Alex's future, as well as their hopes for season two of Quantico. Join the conversation by commenting below.

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What did you think of the finale overall?

Paul: I thought it was pretty disjointed, and it worked as a series finale. It wrapped everything up well while leaving it open to interpretation.

Kelly: I never like when the promos tell the viewer that a character is going to die, it kind of lessons the impact. I was a little shocked it was Simon though. The finale overall was pretty good, definitely got me interested to watch next season.

Allison: I felt like for a finale, it wasn’t all that thrilling. There wasn’t really an edge of your seat moment. I completely agree with Paul – it felt more series finale than season finale. If we didn’t get a second season, I would be okay if this was how the show ended. It wasn’t an all out thrill or battle that left you craving season two ASAP.

Simon sacrificed himself by driving off a bridge with the bomb. React.

Paul: I thought it was pretty ludicrous that he didn't attempt to save himself. He could have easily attempted to escape from that car.

Kelly: I agree with Paul, Simon could have jumped out of the car before going to bridge. I like that he felt redeemed and did something he thought earned him his medal.

Allison: I’m so glad I wasn’t the one thinking it. I was like, “you know, you could jump out here. You’d be banged up, but you’d live.” Like Kelly said, I do love that Simon was able to redeem himself, especially since he’s felt so guilty and burdened by everything he’s done.

Would you like to see flashbacks continue to be a narrative device next season or would you prefer to stay in one time frame?

Paul: One time frame. The second half of the season was all over the place in terms of storytelling.

Kelly: This was the one episode where the flashbacks worked but please only one time frame next season.

Allison: I agree that the flashbacks worked well this season, but yes, I’d prefer one season. If we are going to continue to do two time frames, don’t but twenty million mysteries in each time frame. Every character does not need a mystery/secret.

Do you think becoming CIA is a good next move for Alex?

Paul: Yes. The FBI has treated her like garbage from the start. Hopefully the CIA can give her a job that she deserves.

Kelly: I agree. The CIA is perfect for her, and they want her. It makes no sense that the FBI won't reinstate her after everything she has done to save people. Hopefully the CIA will treat her better, and I'm excited to see her go up against the FBI agents which will inevitably will happen.

Allison: I really hope the CIA is nicer to her. Alex saved the FBI’s ass, and the thanks she got was unemployment. I kinda hope that we see Alex having some resentment towards the FBI. I think that would be interesting, especially since she has so many friends there.

Any hopes or theories on what next season will bring?

Paul: My main hope is that they get some new writers that know when things are getting ridiculous. I've lost count how many times I've questioned why I'm still watching. It should bring a decent conspiracy that won't be dragged out to death.

Kelly: I have no theories but I hope for some new characters that will impact the show and more Niyma and Raina!

Allison: Less twists and turns. Like I said previously, every character doesn’t need a huge, drawn out mystery that spans an entire season. I still don’t know why Mark Raymond was getting safety deposit boxes at the bank that would become the command center that gets blown up.

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Her entire career the FBI held her down.


Miranda: Why didn't you kill me?
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