Quantico Season 1 Episode 20 Review: Drive

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Alex is on the run from the FBI. Something about this feels familiar.

On Quantico Season 1 Episode 20, we're basically back to where we started during Quantico Season 1 Episode 1. The FBI decided to go after Alex (again) for some super shady behavior, but they don't really have any proof.

Where's the evidence?

Everyone seemed to be focused on the man hunt part, and no one at the FBI appeared to be doing some actual investigative work. Yes, the fact that Alex was the last person to see Natalie is suspicious, but what else did they have to get a warrant out for her arrest? 

I'm pretty sure somewhere during Quantico training there's a lesson on building a case. Miranda and Ryan might need to refresh their memories on that particular subject. 

Alex being on the run definitely amps up the stakes. Everything is suddenly much more dramatic and intense. It almost makes you forget that we're basically repeating history just with some new information.

I'm over watching the FBI hunt down Alex. There has to be some better way to wrap up this terrorist storyline with excitement. In the beginning of the season, Alex had allies as well, so it's not even like Shelby believing Alex is anything new. 

Maybe we could have had her really try to get the FBI to see her side of things. Once Alex realized that Ryan had no idea about Natalie and isn't the terrorist like Drew said he was, she had to realize that the USB drive she plugged into Ryan's computer had something devious on it. We even saw it doing something shady.

An interrogation episode could have been amazing. I'm not talking a torture interrogation like we had in Quantico Season 1 Episode 9. I want Alex in a standard interrogation room with Miranda or Ryan sitting on the other side of the table asking her questions. It could have been amazing.

Technique will help you. Instinct will save your life.


We have yet another instance of Alex being incredibly stupid. I swear it's like the Alex in the present is not the same A+ trainee we met at Quantico.

Drew returned and he had a story about how he was threatened by The Voice. His story seemed to make sense, and it's not like he asked Alex to do this super huge task or anything. He asked her to just plug in a USB, and it would provide proof that Ryan was The Voice.

A smart agent would have vetted his story before acting on his intel. Because you know who else would have known all that information? The terrorist.

Sure enough, Drew's The Voice, or at least part of The Voice. I'm still not too sure there aren't multiple terrorists.

Also, before diving into discussing Drew being The Voice, I've got another reason why Drew's story should have sounded suspicious. He claimed that he managed to drive to the other side of the street after making a delivery, so he could wait to see who showed up.

Um, The Voice isn't stupid. The Voice knew when Alex and Natalie planted a tracker in their email to The Voice, so they could track down The Voice's location. The Voice knew when Alex ran to Ryan after Natalie's death. You're telling me that the same terrorist wouldn't have spotted Drew hiding out down the street? 

Use your brain, Alex!

Drew being The Voice is definitely an interesting turn of events. He's got reason to target Alex and other NATS from his class. His vendetta against Booth certainly makes sense. You would think his main target would be Liam though, considering he's responsible for the death of Drew's fiancé, but maybe Drew's saving Liam for the grand finale. 

I'm so glad we know part of who is behind it all. Having a face to put to The Voice makes things so much more intriguing. Let's face it: the mystery and guessing game was getting old. Now, that we know for sure that Drew's involved, it feels like we are finally getting somewhere.

Huh, I guess I should talk about the time spent at Quantico.

For the most part, our time with the trainees was more annoying than anything else. The real action has always been in the present, and it's not like flashing back to Quantico has provided us with insight into what's going on in the present. We just occasionally get to see Alex use a skill she learned at Quantico. Tonight, it was close quarters combat.

You think lying to protect me makes you the kind of man I want to be with? No, a real man shows up, tells the truth, and stays strong no matter what comes next. I deserve the truth, and I deserve someone who believes in me enough to know that when faced with the truth, I will not break.


I will say I enjoyed Shelby telling Caleb off. Let's slow clap it out for her.

Shelby has been protected and coddled against her will. She wasn't allowed to decide how to handle her parents. Caleb has kept her from anything that could potentially rattle her, and he did it all in the name of love. 

I think you should know a person for longer than a couple months before deciding what they can and cannot handle, but that's just me.

Alex and Ryan going back to their flirting selves felt weird. I mean for one thing, Drew just left. We just spent how many weeks dealing with the Drew/Alex/Ryan saga? I'm so tired of all three of them, and so the last thing I wanted to do was watch Alex and Ryan act like they did whenever they first got to Quantico.

I've really grown to dislike the Ryan/Alex ship these past couple weeks, and it hasn't painted that great of a picture of Alex either. Were you happy to see them flirting again?

I would like to take this moment to apologize to Brandon. In my review of Quantico Season 1 Episode 19, I made the comment that focusing on new trainees could spice up the Quantico storyline, and I mentioned Brandon by name.

I didn't want him to almost die! I just wanted to get to know him a little bit better. Please accept my apology, Brandon.

At this time, I'd also like to point out that we haven't seen Brandon in the present day, and we haven't seen Iris either. Seeing as how we hadn't seen Drew up until now, and he revealed himself to be The Voice, I'm now slightly suspicious of Brandon and Iris.

What did you think of the episode? Does anyone actually care about what happened at Chicago anymore? Leave your thoughts and conspiracy theories in a comment below.

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Drive Review

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Quantico Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Alex: You know you don't need an excuse to talk to me, right?
Ryan: I'll keep that in mind.

Technique will help you. Instinct will save your life.