Royal Pains Season 8 Episode 2 Review: Palpating the Orbital Rim

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Even with a hacker infiltrating the records of Hamptons Heritage, it turned out that family relations were the real challenge in Royal Pains Season 8 Episode 2

But the truth is that the family relationships are what makes this series so special. 

My favorite was Jeremiah and his strained relations with his parents. As he explained to Divya in this Royal Pains quote

We've never really been close, even when I was little. That's why they have dogs.


On top of all his other struggles, Jeremiah truly believed his parents had always had dogs because they needed affection and couldn’t get it from him. When he told that to Divya, I wanted to cry for what a lonely little boy he must have been. 

Thankfully, some of that loneliness has changed. Jeremiah now has real friends, especially Divya who never gave up on trying to pull this family closer together. 

Hank: Families can be like magnets. The more you try to push them together, the more they slide apart.
Divya: Unless you turn them around.

I know that Jeremiah has always had a crush on Divya, but he appears to have made peace with that now that she’s married to Raj. Perhaps their friendship will be a stepping stone to him eventually finding a love of his own someday. I don’t know that we’ll get to see that with only six more episodes left in the series, but I’m optimistic that we’ll at least be left with some hope that Jeremiah won’t be alone. 

Jeremiah learning that his perspective about the dog was completely wrong was another tear jerker moment. His parents got their first dog for him, because he didn’t have siblings, and at five years old he read the gesture all wrong. 

Jeremiah: I thought you'd given up on me.
Barbara: No Jerry, not then, not ever.

I look forward to seeing Jeremiah trying to rear an adorable, handful of a puppy. That could be a lot of fun. 

Elsewhere, Evan was getting chewed out by both Boris and Diana Underhill concerning the hack on the hospital’s computer systems and Damn! It’s not like the guy caused it, and it’s not as though Evan could put the genie back in the bottle after the hack took place. What exactly did they expect him to do?

If your head needs to roll, I will be the one to drop the blade.


Hank immediately felt he had to swoop in to help his little brother. Despite their brotherly spat, Hank eventually realized that his knee jerk reaction to protect Evan was no longer necessary which highlighted just how much these brothers have grown, even if their father has not. 

I loved how Evan handled Diana Underhill. Where Hank would have been affronted and wanted justice, Evan was far more practical. He was willing to let her play her game, as long as he and his hospital ended up looking like heroes instead of villains. 

Even Boris had the decency to apologize to Evan and admit that he’s worried about his son, so I suppose Evan seems to be on a roll. I only hope that Paige comes back soon. 

Hank’s case of the week completely freaked me out because of those creepy contact lenses. I’ve got an eye phobia to begin with so I cringed and tuned away every time they showed Rachel wearing those things on screen. 

Hank and Jan finally went on a real date and just as I’d suspected from the moment they met, it crashed and burned. These two have absolutely no chemistry! This entire relationship has been nothing more than filler. I only hope it’s leading Hank somewhere.

Boris is definitely leading Hank somewhere…out of town. When he asked Hank to go with him to see Carlos, I thought they’d be headed to Argentina again, but this time they’re off to Hong Kong. 

I just hope the trip doesn’t last too long. I always prefer it when Royal Pains sticks to its roots in the Hamptons.

Check back next week for my review of Royal Pains Season 8 Episode 3, and if you can’t wait until then, you can watch Royal Pains online here at TV Fanatic.

Palpating the Orbital Rim Review

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Royal Pains Season 8 Episode 2 Quotes

If your head needs to roll, I will be the one to drop the blade.


This situation is dire enough as it is, wouldn't you agree? Concealing it or even the appearance of concealing it can only aggravate it and me further. Am I clear?