Scandal Round Table: Is Olivia Too Jealous?!?

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That was a crazy hour!

On Scandal Season 5 Episode 19, Olivia finally admitted to Abby that she was jealous of her success in the Oval.

TV Fanatics Christine Hinton, Jim Garner and Paul Dailly discuss Abby fighting back, Hollis' win and the meeting between Fitz and Mellie.

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

Was Abby right to fight back, or should she have been the bigger person?

Christine: I think the gloves came off when Olivia snubbed her with the elevator. Holding up Air Force One was definitely an Olivia Pope move. I don’t blame Abby for fighting back, but in the end I was proudest of her when she went to confront Liv face to face. That was the most adult thing either of them did in the entire episode.

Jim: I think Abby needed to fight back at least a little to remind Olivia that she had trained a successor not a pet. That said, I agree with Christine that she was the bigger person for going to confront Olivia and bury the hatchet.  

Paul: I think she was right to fight back, but I thought she’d have been the bigger person in all of it because it could have affected Susan’s chances.

React to Hollis winning Florida.

Christine: Oy. It’s like watching the news, it only turns my stomach less because at least I know this is fiction. 

Jim: Agreed Christine, though I think his win in Florida is going to galvanize both women against him and he is going to end up being eaten for breakfast.  

Paul: I thought it was a great twist. I was so sure Susan had it in the bag. It’s always good to have the rug pulled from under you.

How did you feel about Fitz and Mellie's meeting. 

Christine: Loved it!. It was my favorite scene of the hour. These two always made great partners, and I really enjoy their scenes when they’re not pitted against one another. I was a little confused when Fitz said that Mellie should have asked who killed Andrew. I thought her point about Liz North being vocal about wanting him dead was completely valid. Why would she ever expect Liv?

Jim: Agreed Christine, I loved it. I'm not sure what the fallout for Mellie and Olivia will be, but I think Fitz and Mellie always look great when they are not fighting.  

Paul: It was great! Can we get more like this please?

What will Vargas do next?

Christine: Continue to be unwittingly led around by the nose by Cyrus. So far, I can’t say I care much about Vargas other than he’s another toy for Cyrus to play with and manipulate for his own gain. 

Jim: Which Vargas? The younger brother is just going to work harder to prove that Cyrus is pulling the strings. While the elder Vargas continues to be led around by Cyrus thinking it is all his idea.

Paul: I agree with Christine. Cyrus is a master manipulator and he won’t be happy until everyone is doing her dirty work.  

On a scale of 1 to 10, how jealous is Olivia over Abby?

Christine: Apparently a 10. Walking away from Fitz seems to have hurt a lot less than walking away from the White House. The old adage that "absolute power corrupts absolutely" appears to be proving itself with Liv. I think Olivia will do almost anything to get back in control of the Oval, and it’s not only sad, it’s scary. 

Jim: I think Christine nailed it. Olivia is a 10 on the jealous of the white house portion and only about a 2 on the Fitz front. Time will tell if they can get past it or not.  

Paul: 10. She needs to tone it down!

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Mellie: You mean she sent one of her people?
Fitz: I mean she did it with her bare hands.
Mellie: You should have told me.
Fitz: You should have asked.
Mellie: Wow. Props to Liv.

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