Supernatural Season 11 Episode 23 Review: Alpha and Omega

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That was rather a letdown.

Supernatural Season 11 started out in such a promising and exciting way with the introduction of the Darkness. And to later learn this villain was the sister of God? What a cool twist.

It all was leading up to what should have been an epic confrontation between the two most powerful forces on Supernatural. God vs. Amara. Light vs. Dark. Good vs. Evil.

Except Supernatural Season 11 Episode 23 revealed that Amara didn’t want to destroy God’s beautiful creations. She didn’t want to be the bad guy.

Did she watch Wreck-It Ralph or something?

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Maybe the writers got in over their heads with this particular mythology arc. And maybe the end result of putting God and the Darkness on the playing field was ultimately a no-win situation.

But for Amara to have a complete 180, just talk it all out with her brother, and then the two go away together happily ever after? What is that?

Perhaps it would have played out differently if this was the final season.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate that God and Amara mended their relationship instead of Dean obliterating the Darkness and himself, thus killing off both God and the Darkness.

But it felt like such a rushed way to resolve things, like the writers were backed into a corner and figured it was the easiest way to wrap things up and send Sam and Dean back to dealing with more Earthly conflicts. It just felt anti-climactic.

I’m glad that at least God wasn’t killed off, because that would have been lame, especially after finally appearing after 11 seasons (excluding his times where he was just known as Chuck).

I was surprised that God didn’t volunteer himself to take on the soul bomb, knowing he was dying.

But I guess after a season-long focus on Dean’s connection to Amara, it would only make sense to call that into play during their hail Mary attempt to take down the Darkness. It’s a bummer I never really felt that connection between them.

Sam and Dean though? They’ve always had a fantastic bond, and it was great to see their emotional chat at the gravesite of their mother.

And we learned that Dean likes chick flicks. But I’m pretty sure we all always knew that.

Though, I expected Sam to protest a bit more at Dean taking on the sacrifice role...

I also did like getting back to basics with their ghost hunt, even if it was part of the ridiculous soul bomb plan.

But with a plan that involved Dean’s sacrifice, there should have been far more buildup and tension getting to that moment.

Instead, it was a lot of doing pretty much nothing. There was sitting at the bunker, sitting at the bar and standing around in the garden. It was kind of boring, and I kept waiting for some action to really break things out.

However, the final moments of the hour did make me curious about Supernatural Season 12.

I don’t for a second think Sam was shot dead (much like I never believed that Dean would be killed when he was off to use the bomb), but I’m wondering where the story will go when it comes to these Men of Letters from England.

Where have they been this whole time? Why arrive now? Will they be an interesting antagonist for next season?

And then there’s Dean discovering his mom.

Is she actually alive? For how long? What does that mean for Sam and Dean going forward? Did God know the Darkness could do that? And why Mary and not, say, Bobby, or John Winchester?

I was definitely wondering where Supernatural could possibly go after tackling the Darkness, but maybe bringing the battle back to Earth, and not on such a massive scale, might be a good thing?

"Alpha and Omega" wasn't the fantastic conclusion I was hoping for. Sure, there was a lot to like about Supernatural Season 11 with some strong and entertaining outings throughout, but it's a bummer that all that buildup pretty much got wiped away with an anti-climactic finale.

Here's to hoping the new road for Sam and Dean kicks things back into gear. Cary on, wayward sons.

Did you enjoy the finale? Who are these new Men of Letters from England? What's up with Mary being back? Sound off below, and get all the Sam and Dean you want when you watch Supernatural online now.

Alpha and Omega Review

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