The Originals Round Table: Was Freya's Sacrifice Too Much?

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Goodbye Davina!

Freya's big sacrifice on The Originals Season 3 Episode 20 lead to Davina biting the dust.

Below, TV Fanatics Amanda Steinmetz, Miranda Wicker and Kelly Thompson discuss Davina's very permanent death, Freya's sacrifice and Marcel's next move.

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Davina is really dead. React.

Amanda: Killing Davina off right after Cami was a bold move. I've never been attached to Davina's character, but it made me sad that she had to be killed in such a horrible manner.

Miranda: She's a witch, so is she ever REALLY dead? There's no "other side" for vampires anymore, but witches are always in limbo. Otherwise, shocked but not shocked. I liked her but hers is the death I'm most okay with. I AM STILL NOT OKAY WITH CAMI. 

Kelly: I've been asking for this since season 1 so my reaction is it's about time. Cami's death broke me while Davina's death really did nothing for me.

Was Freya right to sacrifice Davina?

Amanda: Not at all! I understood her desire to protect her family, but Freya and Elijah clearly crossed the line. They betrayed Marcel and Kol in a way that I don't think their relationships will ever be repaired. It takes a lot for me to get mad at Elijah, but he messed up big time.

Miranda: Ultimately, yes. It's what would have ended up happening. Do I like that she did it without getting the consent of ALL of her siblings? Not in a million years. But she had a solution and she acted.  

Kelly: This is a tough question. Freya only recently found her family so her desire to keep them alive and safe prompted her make a difficult decision. Freya doesn't know Davina that well so she had no attachment to her. Without Davina's sacrifice, they would have never killed Lucien. Basically, I don't know if it was right but I do understand Freya's decision.

Should Marcel take the serum?

Amanda: On the one hand, I want Marcel to stand up for himself because the Mikaelsons have always taken advantage of him. They claim he's family, but Marcel's only a part of the family when it's convenient for them. On the other hand, I don't want Marcel to kill any of them or get himself killed.

Miranda: Should he? No. Will he? Probably. 

Kelly: No but he will. He will become the big bad for the next season and he will more than likely die as well.

Will Josh seek revenge?

Amanda: I'm sure he'll want to, but Josh going up against the Mikaelsons would be a disaster.

Miranda: I would love to see Josh seek revenge, but I think, after Aiden's death, revenge isn't really his style. Plus, he doesn't stand a chance against theoriginal siblings and their witchy sister. 

Kelly: Only if he is a complete idiot. He doesn't stand a chance against the Mikaelsons. He may team up with Marcel and Vincent but it will probably lead to his death.

Are Haylijah slowly but surely getting ready to be a thing?

Amanda: It would appear so. I think Haylijah was always going to happen, but the writers wanted to put it off for as long as they could by putting up obstacles and other relationships in the way. It's just annoying that they would have to get together when they're both at such low points in their lives.

Miranda: Ugh. Probably. I love them together, but I feel like Cami died JUST to push Hayley and Elijah together, and that really pisses me off. Klaus' whole "tell him how you feel..." blah blah. That's so NOT Klaus. It's only because Cami's gone and I hate it. I MISS YOU CAMI. 

Kelly: Yes! The last few episodes have been terribly sad and this is a bright spot. I loved that Klaus pushed Hayley into dealing with her feelings fro Elijah.

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