The Vampire Diaries Round Table: Bonnie The Vampire Slayer!

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That was pretty crazy, right?!

On The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 21, Bonnie went cray cray and wanted all of her friends dead. 

TV Fanatics Amanda Steinmetz, Miranda Wicker and Kelly Thompson react to Bonnie's new personality, Damon & Matt's friendship and Steroline.

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What did you think of Bonnie the vampire slayer?

Amanda: While I don't like seeing Bonnie go after the most important people in her life, I did like the beginning scene at the high school. It was a fun nod to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Miranda: I really love anything that gives Bonnie a chance to shine. HOWEVER, we know this won't last, which makes her a pawn. Again. Bonnie the Plot Device. Bummer.

Kelly: Not a fan. The idea of a vampire hunter/huntress has been completed ruin this season and making Bonnie the huntress will not make it more interesting. I agree with Miranda, she won't be the huntress for long. As Damon pointed out, Bonnie has been a lot of things over the series and none of them have lasted.

How will the gang manage to save Bonnie?

Amanda: I really don't know. I'm sure magic will be involved somehow. That's what saves everyone's asses on this show.

Miranda: Is it weird that I hope they DON'T save her? I'd like to see her become the new villain. Everyone can keep TRYING to save her while running from her, but I kind of hope she's always this vicious.

Kelly: Enzo's plan of breaking the bond of the everlasting actually makes some sense so that seems to be how they are going are to do it but magic will be needed and they are currently down a witch so who knows.

Will Damon and Matt really become friends?

Amanda: While I'm sure they are capable of being civil toward one another, Damon and Matt will never be drinking buddies.

Miranda: I predict yes. People change.

Kelly: No. Matt has become irrelevant and making him friends with Damon will not change that. I'm also not sure Matt will survive the rest of the season.

How long before Steroline are a thing again?

Amanda: I don't see them getting back together before the end of the season. They'll reunite at some point, but getting back together now would be too forgiving of Caroline. 

Miranda: Final scene of the season finale.

Kelly: Hopefully never. They are just not working as a couple and the show should move on from them.

How do you expect The Vampire Diaries Season 7 to conclude?

Amanda: It's not so much what I expect, but rather I hope that if they choose to kill someone major off that that person's death will actually stick. 

Miranda: I hope it goes out on a cliffhanger. Some big, juicy, OMG WHAT IS UP cliffhanger. Damon's life or Enzo's life or someone's life is hanging in the balance. So basically like every other season finale we've ever had. I'm nothing if not a sucker for the predictable.

Kelly: Bonnie will stop being the huntress but whatever monster was in the vault at the Armory will escape and probably kill Enzo or Matt.

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I'm sorry. I must have the wrong number because I dialed 'H' for 'Hero.'

Damon [to Stefan]

I have always wanted to be loved by someone in the way that you loved me. And I would rather have these memories than a future where I destroy them.

Bonnie [to Enzo]