Watch Containment Online: Season 1 Episode 5

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Was there a food drop inside the cordon?

That was the main source of drama on Containment Season 1 Episode 5 when plans for a food drop lead to a disagreement between Lex and Dr. Lommers.

Meanwhile on this addictive CW drama, Jake struggled to take control of a group of troublemakers, but who came to his defense?

Also, Katie questioned the timeline of events prior to the outbreak, but what did she find out?

Use the video above to watch Containment online to get up to speed with the latest drama. 

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Containment Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Jake: What knucklehead breaks into a quarantine?
Lex: His girlfriend’s about to give birth.
Jake: You gonna ask me to deliver the baby too?

Jake: What good’s this key gonna do her now?
Lex: It’s a little metaphor called hope, you idiot.