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Elizabeth was not having the best of times on The Americans Season 4 Episode 11.

She learned her mission must go on despite her feelings about it. Bummer.

What we learned as a result was that the rest of the mission required her to be dead and gone.

Not only that, but the possibility of getting what they needed out of the mission? Hardly a sure thing.

Pastor Tim was home and ready to clean things up with the Jennings. It was time for both sides to make things right.

Paige continued to wonder if this relationship really had to be a forever thing.

Why was the unexpected dinner guest feeling so blue? Find out when you watch The Americans online right here. 

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The Americans Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Oh, I see Elizabeth's not the only one with a roast in the oven.


Henry: Stan's an FBI agent.
Pastor Tim: Oh really? Huh.