Watch The Americans Online: Season 4 Episode 8

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Will living the live of spies ever become too much for the Jennings?

After watching The Americans Season 4 Episode 8, you will start to wonder.

Paige didn't have any problem skipping bible study. She didn't think it mattered to the family plan.

Elizabeth had another thought on that entirely.

Philip was thinking about the next phase of his life, reading est books and contemplating playing more hockey.

Elizabeth attended her first est meeting. 

Everything seemed normal on the surface, but bubbling underneath it was hot and ready to explode.

Find out how the family of spies were handling it when you watch The Americans online by clicking above!

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The Americans Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Martha: Don't be alone Clark, alright? Don't be alone.
Philip: You, too.
Martha: Oh, sure, I'll just learn Russian and...yeah, OK. Me, too.

Turns out they were on her. Stan just told me they were in the middle of a disaster at work. I was worried I pulled her for nothing.