Watch The Americans Online: Season 4 Episode 9

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Were you alive when The Day After ran on TV?

Whether you were or not, you're going to get a feel for it on The Americans Season 4 Episode 9.

Friends and family everywhere sat down to watch in horror as nuclear annihilation hit the United States.

Meanwhile, William contacted Philip. The biological killer they've been awaiting had arrived.

What should they do? Should they go in after it? Neither wanted to decide.

Elizabeth made the decision, and it included making another unbearable choice, as well.

Paige was learning how to drive. Would that finally put a smile on her fact?

Find out when you watch The Americans online right here. Click above to get started!

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The Americans Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

William: Where've you been? They told me all communication should go through the Center, not you.
Philip: We've been on a break.
William: A break? We get breaks?

William: I don't trust us with us.
Philip: Do you trust the Americans?
William: No. On the other hand, the threads on their seams work most of the time.