12 Monkeys Season 2 Episode 11 Review: Resurrection

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The moment I'd been dreading arrived... Jennifer died. Luckily there was a silver lining.

In typical 12 Monkeys fashion, things did not play out as we expected. 12 Monkeys Season 2 Episode 11 proved to be another strong episode. The scene where old Jennifer meets her younger self is already one of the highlights of the entire series. Emily Hampshire FTW!

This installment perfectly set up the final two hours of the season. What a ride, guys.

The Middle of a Coup - 12 Monkeys

The episode recap reminded us that Jennifer's days were numbered, which instantly bummed me out. I mean, what's 12 Monkeys without its Jennifer Goines? Surely, Terry Matalas and his writing team would deliver a clever twist so that Jennifer might stick around, right? Plus, this installment was titled "Resurrection."

Still, it didn't help that old Jennifer was burning photos and talking death. "Today is the day. One that ends at the beginning, and begins at the end" she told Hannah.

The red storm was closer than ever to Jennifer's camp and the temporal facility. I quickly got a sense the Grim Reaper was coming for one (or more) of our characters.

Would this episode prove as devastating as Game of Thrones' red wedding? Due to the time-travel element, the stakes are never as high as on Thrones. That said, I'm sure the writers were aware of this fact and realized they had to kill someone off permanently.

The visual effects on this show never cease to amaze me. What the team at Folks VFX bring to life each week on a TV budget, like the red storms, is simply mind-blowing. Pretty badass if you ask me, and I watch a lot of TV.

I couldn't believe it when Jones told Cole they were six hours away from oblivion. Would we see everyone and their mother devoured by the storm?

Naturally, that was the perfect time to stage a coup. Though I will say, Whitley's betrayal shocked me.

We've recruited others. We're not the only ones that have given up on Jones.


Sure everything Ramse said made sense, but I hated him for taking the facility and turning his back on Cole yet again. The guy has to go, but will I feel anything when that inevitably happens? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Since Ramse ripped the whereabouts of Titan from the "Word of the Witness" map, they actually knew its location. What would happen when they arrived there? Surely, the Witness would know they were coming and prepare, no?

I've always been rooting for Cole's plan, and very disappointed in Cassie for going along with this alternate scheme of Ramse's. It definitely seemed much riskier than saving one last Primary in 1957. You know what I mean?

Watching the scientists take down the photos and clues from the big board was heart-wrenching. Even more so than when Ramse burned the lab down in 12 Monkeys Season 1 because this time it felt so final.

I'm telling you, Syfy would be making a massive mistake not renewing this series based on a flawed ratings system. Sci-fi fans are finally returning for programming like 12 Monkeys. Don't let us down, have a little faith guys. #Renew12Monkeys

Cole picking up on Cassie's hint that using the machine to get to Titan was great. Would he have a chance to splinter before the shit hit the fan?

Cole: So its come to this, huh?
Ramse: It doesn't have to. You can just walk away, let us use the machine.
Cole: Not gonna happen. There's no time.

Jennifer has been saying there's nothing but death at Titan, which gives me hope Ramse will meet his demise there. While it's true he has his own motivations, he's not a team player. I guess I still haven't forgiven him for unleashing the original plague.  

I was glad to see that Deacon partnered up with Cole. Anything to take Ramse down, right? He has always hated that guy.

Isn't it crazy what a 180 Deacon's managed this season? They couldn't keep him around as your typical mustache twirling villain. That would have been lame, and besides this guy is much more layered now. The puking scene was nasty, but also funny. Wasn't it great the way he took Whitley by surprise? Deacon a hero... What?!?

Ultimately, with Whitley's help Ramse and Dr. Adler entered the control room. Pretty ballsy of Cole to threaten Adler's life, right? Without him team Ramse was going nowhere fast. Lasky just wasn't cutting it.

Then Cassie just had to step in to take Cole down. I've got to admit, part of the fun of last season was their partnership. Cole and Cassie have been at odds most of the season, and it's been frustrating. I enjoy them much more together than apart.

What about the romance during those "missing years"? Will the payoff be enough to satiate a season of bickering?  

It made sense that Cole would reach out to old Jennifer for help. She had an army and he was out of options. I loved the Die Hard movie reference.

Jennifer: Mayday, Mayday, terrorists have taken over the Nakatomi Building, Century City.
Cole: I don't know what that means.
Jennifer: It means McClane, that I know why you're here. They've got your machine and you want me and my daughters to be the cavalry.
Cole: Will you help?
Jennifer: Have I ever said no to you?

By now it was pretty clear Jennifer would meet her maker, but would she be the one resurrected? If so, how the heck?

I know I'm constantly gushing over Emily Hampshire's portrayal of Jennifer Goines, but man she was born to play this role. We need another season if only to bear witness to Ms. Hampshire's brilliance. You hear that Syfy?

That's not to say the rest of the cast is not outstanding, but Jennifer's such a complex creation and she never fails to move me.

Yes, I cried like a baby when the two Jennifer's met and snorted in unison. That was some serious Tatiana Maslany level stuff right there.

If you ever wondered what the Daughters role in all this was, now you know folks. They were always meant to stop the coup, lose their "mother" but thanks to the beauty of time travel they got a "resurrected" Jennifer back to fight another day.

That's right, Ms. Goines officially became a time traveler on the day of her death.

I can't say that was how I imagined things going down. However, surprises and twists are part of the fabric of this show and no writing team does them better. Hey I can't complain, at least Jennifer gets to stick around, which makes me a happy camper.

So, now we understand why Jennifer opened the hotel room door in 2016 to find Cole standing there after he just splintered away.

Did I miss something, or did Cole take an injection with him for young Jennifer? Do Primaries simply not need Jones' injections?

By the way, wasn't Jennifer's reaction upon arriving in 2044 amazing? That's how I imagine myself behaving after splintering to the future.

"May I have a moment to myself, please" Jennifer asked Cole and Cassie. Of course, she meant both Jennifers and I couldn't help but chuckle to myself. That line was absolute perfection, as was Emily's delivery.

Will the younger inexperienced Jennifer be able to lead the Daughters? Can she guide the team to Titan while Cole attempts to stop the paradox in 1957? The season finale is going to be insane, and I'm sad there's only a couple of hours left.

Wasn't that hug between Cole and Jones everything? Did Jones disintegrating break your heart as it did mine? I am still not over that scene.

While I can't say I expected Cassie to turn back and accompany Cole to 1957, I'm thrilled that she did. As I said earlier, the two of them are better together rather than apart. Cassie made the right move, so maybe I can forgive all her bad choices this season.

What did you think of "Resurrection"? Can Cole stop the paradox? Will the others reach Titan with Jennifer's help? Are Cole and Cassie ever going to hook up? Your turn guys, sound off in the comments below. We've got tons to discuss, people!

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NOTE: 12 Monkeys Season 2 Episode 12 is titled "Blood Washed Away" and airs on July 11.

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12 Monkeys Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Cole: So its come to this, huh?
Ramse: It doesn't have to. You can just walk away, let us use the machine.
Cole: Not gonna happen. There's no time.

We've recruited others. We're not the only ones that have given up on Jones.