Mistresses Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Mistaken Identity

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Where's the steam?

Mistresses Season 4 Episode 2 held dull surprises and not-so-shocking revelations from Harry's sister, Kate, who returned to town with a secret.

An Unexpected Visit - Mistresses

Is it any surprise that Kate would fly in from Australia looking for an affair, or that she went to Joss for advice?

Until her relationship with Harry took off, Joss was the most fun, thrilling, and engaging, of the group, but much like Savi, Harry dragged her down.

Savi was unbearable in her quest to choose between Harry and Dominic.


Kate: I need you to help find me a really hot, fairly tall, possibly Latino guy.
Joss: I don't think they sell those here.

Kate came to town looking for an affair, explaining it away to having pre-wedding jitters, and wanting to be with another man before she married the guy she's been with for 10 years.

For the first half of the episode, Kate seemed like a miserable addition to the show. She's the new mistress, after all, taking Calista's place.

But once she revealed that her boyfriend cheated on her first, she really lit up the show. Perhaps her quest for love will add the sparks and steam that the show so desperately needs.

These past two episodes have been boring, like watching a turtle walk. We need a mystery; something compelling to bring Mistresses Season 4 to life.

Once Harry learned of Kate's intentions, he channeled his inner parental figure, but also the former jealousy of a man who's been cheated on.

Without knowing that Brian did it first, Harry got defensive thinking Kate would be following in Savi's footsteps.

Kate also mentioned the elephant in the room for all of Mistresses Season 3.

You're the one who's marrying your ex-sister-in-law.


How has nobody brought up how weird Joss and Harry's relationship is?

I think they're great together, at times, but since Savi left after finding them making out on the beach, they've just been so unnatural, in my opinion.

How long were Savi and Harry married? Likewise, how long did Joss consider Harry a brother?

I don't know about you, but I couldn't jump into bed with someone I considered family before we'd ever had anything going on.

While Alyssa Milano won't be returning to the show, it was nice of the writers to throw in something about Savi being around for part of the trial, but their relationship can never be repaired anyway.

Joss hadn't told Savi about her relationship with Harry while she was around, which would've just sent her packing again.

But Joss finally addressed this awkwardness by giving a big middle finger to everyone at the most awkward dinner ever to be shown on television in classic Joss style. She doesn't care what they think. She loves Harry.

And, thus, Kate's status was revealed, as she dumped Brian and decided to stay in L.A. to find the love of her life. Maybe Kate will be the new party girl of the group?

Plus, she already knows Karen and April (a little, just enough to keep things interesting) so she already has a better chance of interacting with them than Calista did.

Meanwhile, Marc and April experienced more relationship troubles when their separate goals as artists overlapped and April was left suffering. Again.

She's given up so much for everyone else in her life, shouldn't April be able to be happy?

Her and Marc have the simplest troubles, and it begs to question if they could ever work out? He's like a grown child for April to take care of, and she already has one of those.

Her artistic life was put on hold after she's rejected from a competitive art school, where she's told that her work amounts to nothing.

Can she ever catch a break?

And Barbara helped Karen channel her inner sex-pert, and set up a reading at a sex shop, "The Sex Stop," giving Karen a moral crisis.

Karen: Wait, isn't that a sex store?
Barbara: Yeah, but it's a classy sex store. They sell books, and flavored condoms.

She wa's kicked out of mommy class, and everyone thought of her as the sex wizard. How does this fall in with her being a doctor?

Just because she wrote a book on sex doesn't get rid of her medical degree.

Kate helped Karen realize why she wrote the book: to help people, to influence people, to be like their own sex therapy.

Would you want a slut-pert in your class?


She knows better than anyone how pent-up sexual energy can disrupt your life, which is why she already beds her manny.

Karen and Kate seem to be the only "mistresses" this season, but will that change? April and Marc have so many (not addressed) problems, can they really last?

How will Joss' self-defense classes influence her current story?

Trainer: You're gonna get hurt.
Joss: Not if she does first.

What will Kate bring to the table? Are you excited for her introduction?

Let us know below, and you can watch Mistresses online right here at TV Fanatic.

Mistaken Identity Review

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