The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Shanzhai

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Beginning to passionately care about the motives of an antagonist who initially appeared to be self-serving and completely opposed to the commanding hero's goals is usually an unimaginable plot twist in successful and riveting television series.

But as CO CDR Tom Chandler determinedly continues to search for the missing crew members of his former missile destroyer, the USS Nathan James, on The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 3, the rationale of the ship's enemy surprisingly begins to become understandable.

As the Chief of Naval Operations tries to track down the captives, the American public begins to question President Jeffrey Michener about whether the country is headed into war with China. They have doubts over their safety after hearing that Chinese President Peng has been withholding the virus' cure from the U.S.'s Asian allies.

Racing - The Last Ship

With President Michener trying to soothe Americans' concerns about a possible war with China, Tom isn't afraid to fight the pirates who he believes may have taken the Nathan James' Captain, Mike Slattery, and his team into captivity and turned them into prisoners of war.

Controlling everything is how I've made it this far.


In his search for the captives, Tom learns that pirates are seeking to handle the cure themselves after President Peng refuses to help save the people who need it the most throughout Asia.

Lieutenant Kara Green also informs the drama series' protagonist of the missing Americans' whereabouts, after discovering evidence that they're trying to protect themselves.

Even pirates play it safe sometimes.


While Tom is powerfully and rightfully determined to find and safe Mike and the rest of his team, and would even sacrifice his own safety in an Asian Dodge City, it's also understandable why the pirates wish to take their security into their own hands.

President Peng hasn't proven himself to be an upstanding leader who puts his country's well-being ahead of his own welfare. While President Michener is also not telling the American public all of the details surrounding the country's relationship with China, at least he's maintaining that secrecy to protect their lives.

While not all of the pirates' plans for what they have planned for Mike and his fellow officers have been revealed yet, their dedication to protecting themselves has become a powerful source of conflict for the current third season of the post-apocalyptic television series.

Even though the motivates and backstories of the pirates do begin to be revealed during the season's third episode, which is titled "Shanzhai," and acknowledge their understandable desire to survive, the physical and emotional brutality they inflict on the American officers is still in no way condoned.

Another compelling character who presents herself to push authority and try to save herself is Jessie. She continues to resent being forced to collaborate once again with Sasha, a former Naval Intelligence Officer who’s now working in China on behalf of the United States government.

Sasha, who has also caused some trouble with Tom for questioning his authority aboard the Nathan James in front of his crew, continues to push Jessie. While the two women were once friends and frequent coworkers, Jessie now resents being forced by Sasha into flying a helicopter to find Mike and the rest of his team.

Jessie still holds resentment towards Sasha, as she feels she didn't do anything to protect her brother and friends while she was a Naval Intelligence Officer. Jessie still feels that Sasha could have prevented her brother from being killed, so she becomes resistant to trying to save anyone who holds meaning to the American government.

Jessie: I'd say we should stay in touch, but that's not your thing.
Sasha: But Jessie, we need you.

But after also receiving encouragement of Alisha Granderson, an Officer of the Deck on the Nathan James, Jessie reluctantly agrees to help the team/. Alisha boosts Jessie's confidence by reminding her that she's the only person who's capable of flying the helicopter that's needed the search for the ship's current captain.

It will be interesting to see how Jessie, who's overall still holding antagonistic anger and resentment towards the people who should be her allies, will also shape the course of The Last Ship Season 3, particularly if Mike and his team will be found on time.

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Shanzhai Review

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