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There was always a chance if Claire was going to help Alex Randall, she'd run into Jonathan.

That's exactly what happened on Outlander Season 2 Episode 12, as she was at Alex's bedside and a plain clothes Jonathan appeared.

The man Alex knew so well was unlike any version Claire had encountered before.

That was a good thing, because as Alex lay dying, his greatest wish was for his kind (cough) brother to marry Mary.

Would the man we knew as Black Jack go through with it? Why? 

Meanwhile, there was another man in town to talk to his brother about pending life issues.

Column appeared, also under the weather, hoping to speak to both Dougal and Jamie.

Find out what happened in conversations with all of them when you watch Outlander online!

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Outlander Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Prince Charles: James, you are my most loyal companion and friend. But I am not some frightened hare to be run down by some British hounds. I am a man and I am a soldier and I shall comport myself as one. I am weary of retreat. The men shall rest and then we shall march to Culloden. Gentleman, the lord will provide for us all, may we do his bidding.
Jamie: May he have mercy on us all.

I've been dying for years. It's a wearisome process. I welcome its conclusion.