Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Once Upon a Time in Wayward Pines

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Nurse Pam returns!

Melissa Leo proved once again why she was the best part of Wayward Pines Season 1

Sadly we only got her back for one episode, but that's better than nothing. 

A Chosen Leader - Wayward Pines

The fairy tale style story telling used on Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 3 was an interesting approach to give us background on Jason. 

It explains why he's so loyal to Pilcher and his plans, though he's already started splintering off from them by exiling Ben. He's basically becoming a dictator, and it is only a matter of time before the town riots against him. Ben already attempted a rebellion. 

He may have failed, but that doesn't mean others won't try. Theo's not ready to get that involved in this town yet, but that doesn't mean he won't. I'm still betting that Kerry turns against him as well. 

Theo: Why is it that people put so much faith in that kid?
Rebecca: Because he's been groomed for this.
Theo: By some prince?
Rebecca: Sometimes you just have to stop asking questions.
Theo: Yeah I can't do that.

Theo has lots of questions, anger, and resentment building up inside of him and I am just waiting for it all to explode out of him. People keep dropping these small tidbits of information, but there haven't been any real answers yet. I would like to know why Theo and his wife were chosen too. 

I'd especially like to know why they didn't choose hundreds of doctors. I still don't understand how they only have one. 

So, Pam trying to infect everyone with smallpox was...odd. 

First of all, how the heck did Pilcher get his hands on smallpox, and second of all, why would he want that in Wayward Pines? Did he break into the CDC? The only reason I can think of why he'd want it in Wayward Pines is to use it as Pam tried, but we already know he used the abbies to start over with new groups. 

I mean, there are easier ways to wipe everyone out if necessary. Plus, even if Pam's plan worked, all those people would still be hibernating in chambers. You would think she'd want to do something to destroy all of those before executing her smallpox plan. 

Sure, if she killed everyone, those people would just stay in the chambers for all eternity, but what if someone had a natural immunity to smallpox, or survived the disease, and started over? 

Too many holes in this plan, which didn't get anywhere anyway since she was caught before the incubation period was over. I'm still curious about that kiss she planted on Jason though. If she wasn't contagious yet, what was the point of it? 

I'd also add that Pam probably received a vaccination for smallpox, but chances are that immunity did not last 2,000 years. 

We're turning against each other, all we seem to know is hatred. CJ, you know this better than anyone. What you've seen, what we did. What happened to the dream? [to Jason] Sweety, I am trying to give you a gift. I raised you to be a leader, and I am begging you to lead your people to a peaceful end.


So, what's CJ's story? Pam was implying some history, and there's clearly more to his story. We can also see there is something off about him from the way he was creepily staring at the fire that burned Pam's body. There must be something between them. Anybody have any theories?

There was no news on Ben or Xander. We don't have confirmation that they're dead, and until I see proof I am going to assume they're alive out there. We saw Ben attacked, but we haven't seen Xander at all since he was left out there, and there has to be a reason for that. 

It'll be interesting to see the direction they take with the plan to create new settlements. Jason's putting together a group to go out and explore, and I am not buying that the abbies are really just gone. Maybe they are purposely trying to lure people out there with a false sense of security. 

I guess we will find out next week on Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 4. If I had to guess, I'd say not everyone from the first group makes it back to Wayward Pines alive. This expedition has bad idea written all over it. 

So, what did you guys think of Nurse Pam's short but sweet return? 

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Once Upon a Time in Wayward Pines Review

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Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Theo: You really believe those things just ran away?
Arlene: Well I mean you have to have hope, otherwise people just lose their crap.

Theo: Why is it that people put so much faith in that kid?
Rebecca: Because he's been groomed for this.
Theo: By some prince?
Rebecca: Sometimes you just have to stop asking questions.
Theo: Yeah I can't do that.