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Was it worth it?

It was a tension-filled hour as J found himself in a sticky situation on Animal Kingdom Season 1 Episode 8 when he's asked to be a part of the big military heist.

Tensions Rise - Animal Kingdom

I bet when J called Smurf the day his mother died, he didn't expect his life would be anything like it is right now. For a kid who was basically looking for some help and stability after the trauma of losing his mom, he sure got the short end of the stick with Smurf and company.

There is no doubt that Julia was trying to protect her kid. It's just unfortunate that she let her addiction control and eventually end her life. 

Did J ever wonder why his mother never had contact with her mother and brothers? I know there wouldn't be a story if J didn't get in with the family, but wasn't there someone else he could call?

I bet he would do anything to rewind his life and make a different call that day.

I didn't think they'd destroy and use everyone.


J wasn't going to be part of the big heist, but then he was after a complication arose about which building the money was being stored in. Since he was the only one without a criminal record, he was the lucky one who got to make the big move to get the ball rolling.

It's certainly not something he wanted to do, but was he really going to be able to refuse?

This poor kid has nowhere to turn. His girlfriend that he's tried to protect has pretty much abandoned him. His teacher is exactly what Det. Yates called her in Animal Kingdom Season 1 Episode 7: selfish, because is anyone getting the feeling that she actually cares for the kid or is she just doing all this to save her own ass? I vote for the latter.

And his family, well, they've already shown what they are.

I really wish someone would be on J's side, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen anytime soon. The only hope I see for J is that he runs away, but is that really a choice?

Somehow, I get the feeling that this big heist isn't going to go as planned. The MP's are going to remember someone snuck in to look at the helicopters. Somehow, it's going to link back to J and the Cody's, and that's going to be the end of it. 

J is in a shitload of trouble right now, and there's really no way for him to get out of it unless he goes to the cops. And that's exactly what I think he's going to do after his encounter with Nicky. 

I could smack her right in the head for being so stupid. I'm not sure if I believe she slept with Craig, but the idea of it certainly was enough to completely mess with J's mind. Had she not been such a bitch, then maybe they could have run off together, maybe joined Cath.

She has the sense to realize that going to the cops is the worst thing she could do, so she's apparently opted to just take Lena and run. I mean how much time is Baz and family really going to spend hunting her down? Baz should get together with Alexa since they're both from the same selfish farm.

The only one she'd really have to worry about is Pope, but we'll get to him later.

Baz has turned into more of a dick than I ever thought he would. I have no sympathy for him and his horrible childhood. While it explains why he is the way he is, it's still no excuse for him to be such a  horrible person.

What was the whole point of him trying to force his father to drink after 11 days of being sober? To punish Ray for being an ass when Baz was a child? Maybe the real reason is because he doesn't like the idea of his dad trying to become a better person, trying to make a change. Maybe Baz doesn't like change. 

Whatever the reason he beat up on Ray, it was just minor compared to the crap he pulled on Cath and J. 

After talking with Det. Yates, Cath was being reminiscent about her parents, and Baz had to remind her that her parents were basically shitty parents. Shitty or not, it didn't mean they needed to be killed, but this is the Cody family we're talking about. 

What I don't get is how can Cath not think Baz would be involved in her parents' murder knowing what it is that he does for a living? She can't be that stupid.

But the worst of Baz's behavior was with J. It wasn't shocking that Baz would be annoyed that J bothered him, but the kid did just make his life easier, so he could have cut him a little slack.

But, Baz didn't want to be bothered, and the response to J when asked if he was his dad just floored me. 

You proved it yesterday. You can handle yourself. That's what matters, not who, out of an impressively large group of dipshits, knocked up your mom.


I get that Baz is focused on the job, but still. He really showed his true colors.

So did Pope. It's not that Pope did anything bad, but that whole scene of him ironing that money perfect just sent chills down my spine. Even his precise prepping of the car was creepy.

Someone said last week in the comments about what happens with Pope in the movie (which I never saw), and I really can see Pope going down that road.

If he was crazy before he went to prison, his experience there just messed him up even more. That was some pretty nasty stuff he went through. 

And I really think that should Cath actually get away, that's going to send Pope right over the edge. It's really too bad, because I was really hoping that Pope would be different. One of those crazy brothers has got to have a streak of good in them, right?

This was another solid episode of Animal Kingdom. And, even thought I hate his character, props have to go to Scott Speedman for his portrayal of Baz. I just love how the character has done such a complete 180 since the series began. That's some fine acting there, folks.

What did you guys think? What will J do now? Hit the comments, and let us know!

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